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Auto Play Makes Gambling Easier

By: Racheal Adams, Thursday October 23rd 2008
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Online gambling is often a repetitive task. Many players have evolved a standard pattern of wagering and follow it without end. For them even seeing the outcome at the end of each spin and having to click on the Rebet and Spin buttons is an ordeal. For such players Auto Play is a boon because it plays the games at express speed. They can set up any number of spins and watch a show on TV while the software makes money for them.

Three online gaming software providers have introduced the Auto Play feature in their software. They are Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic. The Microgaming Auto Play Feature is the most sophisticated. This is because it has greater customization and can be used in conjunction with the Expert Mode feature that optimizes strategy. Also the Microgaming Auto Play feature is available for blackjack, video poker and roulette as well as online slots. The customization features of the Microgaming Auto Play include the following: number of spins, number of seconds between spins, stop once all spins are complete, stop when jackpot is won, stop if a win exceeds or equals X, stop on any win, stop if credits increase by X and stop if credits decrease by X.

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The real advantage of Microgaming Auto Play is experienced when used in the Expert Mode. Players can choose the optimum strategy as offered by the software or customize it to their requirement. The computer will then play the set number of games as indicated and will record each move in each game. The players can then compare their actual payouts with expected payouts and evaluate their strategy in this context. This feature is most useful in blackjack games. Each of the blackjack games in the Gold Series comes with the optimum strategy card based on the specific rules of that game. The card indicated when the player should stand or hit or double or split. The player can customize the strategy by overwriting his choices on the strategy card. In Roulette the Auto Play is used in conjunction with the Bet Layouts function, which lets the player choose from the several betting options offered in the game. These choices can be saved for used in Auto Play.

The Playtech Auto Play version does not have all the features of the Microgaming one. For example it can be programmed to stop when the payout exceeds the set limit but not when a bonus round is hit. The Cryptologic Auto Play version is the simplest because it only allows the player to set the number of spins and then plays through without stopping. The Playtech and Cryptologic Auto Play is available only for slots.

There is a flip side to Auto Play. For many players it takes away the essence of online gambling and they swear never to use it.

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Comment by: Frank Pulson On: May 14, 2010
There's no doubt that auto play at online casinos is convenient but I'm of the opinion that's shared with some of you here that have posted that online casino games are better played just as they were meant to be played one spin or hand at a time. Auto-play takes the fun out of gambling if you ask me.
Comment by: Prince Kay On: April 29, 2010
Auto play is definitely a convenient feature to have in online casino software but boy can your money go quickly especially if your auto play is set to a fast mode. Just be aware of the settings before starting to play in any auto play modes at the online casinos you play at.
Comment by: ninonino On: February 08, 2010
I really love the auto play feature that are available at casinos and beleive them to be very useful to lazy players like myself, haha.
Comment by: 117bling On: January 19, 2010
Autoplay is a really cool feature and one that I think has peaked in terms of what the can do to it with the exception of being able to play though bonus rounds which I haven't seen anyone do yet either.
Comment by: chris1004 On: January 05, 2010
I love that autoplay has become so common place. I've never seen such a feature in Vegas or anything but that would be pretty cool to be able to sit back enjoy some drinks chat with friends look back and then see that you won some money like you can if you play at casinos on the internet.
Comment by: Stephen P. On: October 10, 2009
Autoplay has and always will be a great feature in online casino software one which would be nice to have in land based casinos that you can use to just sit back and watch as you relax and drink your beer, lol... For online casinos not to have auto play in at least their slots games I don't think it's necessarily wise.
Comment by: Richards On: July 22, 2009
Ahhh... haha... where would we be without auto play. A great feature but if you ask me this is definitely a feature that has "Problem Gambling" written all over it. I like the feature and have tried it out but the truth is that it's not entirely necessary although convenient. Certainly you can leave your computer playing a slot or other game while you're not there but doesn't this take away from the excitement of playing casino games to begin with.
Comment by: Juda On: July 03, 2009
I'm in agreement I don't think I'd ever use autoplay for playing blackjack. It's bad enough that there's such a feature to begin with. If I were to ever use this feature which I don't I think it would be while playing slots games and only slots.
Comment by: Jordan On: July 02, 2009
I personally would never use auto-play while playing a game like blackjack simply because there are too many decisions to be made. I watched the video above and although it's possible to set various strategies for your play sometimes you may want to deviate from standard blackjack strategy when you have a feeling that if you hit you'll pull the card you're looking for... Anyways I think that people probobly do use and take advantage of this feature but I'm sure there's lots of players out there that are like me and wouldn't use auto-play for anything but slots games.

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