Reel in the Cash Player Reviews
Reel in the Cash is a great Cryptologic casino game!

Rating: by: liverpoolbaby, on July 09, 2009
Pros: Terrific bonus round, great graphics and sound and fun game overall.
Cons: Spin animations could be more realistic they currently use a smeer animation.

To all anglers out there if you haven't yet tried Reel in the Cash a new video slot game by Cryptologic then you don't know what you're missing out on. This is one of the best new games IMO that has come from Cryptologic in a while. It's a 5 reel bonus video slot game that is done in the new layout (full screen mode) type games that Cryptologic has been releasing lately.

The most impressive thing about this online casino game I found was the bonus round. When you enter into the bonus round you'll first need to select from one of 5 different fishing holes available for which the scene changes for each different watering hole. In the bonus game you'll have the opportunity to cast 3 times meaning that you'll visit 3 different fishing holes with each bonus that you enter. How you cast your line in this game is by clicking one of 5 tackle boxes in the game which will then reveal a lure which is then cast into the water. The angler will then reel out a prize. Additionally some of the lure's will also include a multiplier meaning that whatever you pull out from the water as a prize will be multiplied by the value of the prize that's pulled from the water.

I must say that the execution of this game is quite impressive more so on the side of the bonus round then the main "reel" slot part of the game. The other thing that was quite nice though was that in the main "core" part of the game there are some animations such as fish swimming across the screen, bubbles, etc... I think they did a really good job of developing this game. I really enjoyed playing it an beleive it to be one of the top 5 games that I'm currently playing!


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