Reel in the Cash Details Page

    Reel in the Cash Details Page

Software (10)

The Cryptologic software offers several features for customization of the slot game. The player can disable or enable sound effects and voices. This has to be done from the Settings in the Games Menu. Also from the Settings tab the player can enable the full screen mode and choose player avatars. From within the game the player can adjust game speeds, exercise auto play and the Bet Max button.

Easy to Understand (10)

The payouts are pictorially explained in the pay table which can be accessed from the main screen. The rules of the slot game and bonus feature are explained in the Rules section which can be accessed from the pay table page.

Graphics & Sounds (10)

The graphics, animation and sound are the highlights of Reel In The Cash. The symbols on the reels have been innovatively fashioned and maximum use of animation and sound has been made. Keep the sound options enabled while playing.

Theme and Concept (10)

The fishing theme is not new but the way it has been conceived and executed in Reel In The Cash is new. The theme has been given a comic twist through minute detailing. The Worm symbol is wearing a snorkel. Above the reels the Fisherman and the Swordfish are engaged in a tussle. The Fisherman keeps falling into the sea not only on the reels but also in the bonus game and also pulls out a lot of junk while fishing. The fishing locations have been beautifully designed. The color and sound of water pervades the slot game. And when there are more than one Golden Lure symbols on the reels the pattern formed by intersecting ripples are a treat to watch.

Game Features (8)

Unfortunately the game features to not match the technical excellence of the presentation. To start with there is no free spins bonus round and that is always disappointing. The bonus game on the second screen is in essence very simple though made to appear elaborate through the execution. Finally the wild symbol does not act as a multiplier.

Betting Options (9)

Reel In The Cash offers 20 paylines, which is a reasonable number. The coin denomination options are very generous. However the number of coins per line has been fixed at one. Though this is fine in view of the large coin size options many players feel good about having to make a choice regarding the number of coins per payline as well.

Jackpots (9)

There is no progressive jackpot and that is a drawback. A 5000 coin highest fixed jackpot and 3000 coin second jackpot do make up for the absence of the progressive.

9.43 / 10
Software 10
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 10
Theme and Concept 10
Game Features 8
Betting Options 9
Jackpots 9

Reel in the Cash Highlights
  • Great sound effects
  • Excellent bonus game on the second screen
  • The maximum coin size of 20.00

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