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Craps Glossary

Any Craps - This is a wager in which you believe the next dice roll will yield a 2, 3, or 12.

Any Seven - This bet states the next dice total will be seven.

Back Line - See Don't Pass Line

Bar the 12 - The number 12 is a tie bet, meaning the house still has the better odds for certain bets like the Don't Pass or Don't Come.

Betting right - You will place a wager on the Pass Line or Come section of the table.
Betting wrong - This is the opposite of betting right, in other words you bet on the Don't Bass or Don't Come wagers.

Big 6 & Big 8 - An even bet in which a six or eight must be obtained before the seven.

Boxman - Rather than a dealer or Croupier you have a Boxman as the person in control.

Buy the 4 and 10 - This is a 5% tax when you bet on the 4 and 10 being the winning numbers. You get 2:1 for this bet.

Change Color - You will change out your chips for a different value.

Chips (Checks) - The chip is the value of your money that you trade in.

Come Bet - This is a bet that can be placed after the Come out roll.

Come Box - The betting area for Come Wagers.

Come-Out Roll - This is the point for the pass or don't pass that needs to be established before other bets can be placed.

Craps - Refers to the 2, 3, and 12 that a dice can have.

Crap Out - This is when a 2, 3, or 12 are rolled on the first roll or the come out.

Crew - another term for casino individuals running the tables.

Dealer - Casino employee at the table games.

Dice - These are the numbered objects that are used at a Craps Table.

Disk (Puck) - Used in craps to show the come out roll has taken place. It is white on one side and black on the other.

Don't Come Bet - this is a bet against the dice. It can't be placed until after the initial roll.

Don't Pass Bet - In this wager you are betting that a seven will be rolled. It can be placed before the come out roll.

Don't Pass Line - This allows you to place a don't pass bet.

Double Odds Bet - you are offered free odds to get double your bet on certain wagers such as the Pass, Don't Pass, Come or Don't Come.

Easy Way - A roll in which a 4, 6, 8, or 10 will appear when there is not a double number. I.E. there would not be two five's to make ten.

Edge - This is the house probability for a wager in which the casino always has the advantage.

Even-Money - You receive the same amount as the bet. If you bet $5 you get $5 as the winnings, for a total of $10 returned to you.

Field Bet - This is a bet on one roll. The bet states the next number could be a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 or 12.

Floorman - Supervisor for the floor.

Free-Odds-Bet - a second bet made when you make the Pass, Don't Pass or the come bets.

Front Line - another term for pass line.

Hardway Bet - You are betting a 4, 6, 8, or 10 will come up as a pair or a seven will arise.

Horn Bet - a wager on the 2, 3, 11, or 12 option.

Lay the Odds - in this wager you make less than even money if the number pays out.

Lay Wager - you are betting against the point as well as paying 5% tax.

Layout - this is the grid on the Craps table to show you the wagers.

Nickels - means 5 dollars on the craps table.

Off - wagers that are not going to be an option for the next roll.

On Base - term for stickman

One-Roll Bets - this is a bet that is dependent on the next dice.

Pass - when you win.

Pass-Line Bet - a bet that you will win or pass before the come out roll.

Payoff - What you earn from the bet.

Pit Boss - the casino host in charge of the tables.

Place Numbers and Bets - You will bet on the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 will appear before 7.

Point Number (Point)
- The number on the come out roll it can be 4, 5, 6, 9 or 10.

Press a Bet (Press) - doubling the wager.

Proposition Bet - wagers in the center of the table grid.

Quarters - when you play 25 dollar chips this is what they are called.

Rails - area where un- played chips are kept.

Right Bettor - a pass or win wager.

Seven-Out - this is a 7 that is rolled after the point.

Shooter - the only person throwing dice at the table.

Stickman - another name for dealer that has the stick to bring the dice or winning bets to the players.

Tip (Toke) - a percentage of winnings offered to the casino employee.

Working - when bets are being risked on the next dice.

Wrong Bettor - when you wager against the dice roll.

Craps Lessons
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