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How to Use ClickandBuy at Online Casinos

The first step to using ClickandBuy at any online casino is for you to open an account with ClickandBuy. Once you have a ClickandBuy account, you need to ascertain the casino in question has ClickandBuy as one of the accepted transaction methods. The key to the popularity of ClickandBuy among users globally is the simplicity of the processes associated with withdrawals and deposits.

One thing you need to know: ClickandBuy is merely a transaction method that facilitates transfer of money from your bank account or credit card account. It does not give you an account of its own. Once you register an account with ClickandBuy, you would need to register either your bank account number or your credit card account number, or both of these, to ensure funds transfer out of or into either of these accounts.

There are two ways you can conduct transactions through ClickandBuy. You can either deposit money into or transfer funds from your bank account, which you would need to register with ClickandBuy when you open an account with them, or you could conduct the transfer through your credit card account.

To register your credit card or bank account with ClickandBuy, you need to provide some details about your bank/credit card account, including the account number. If it is a bank account you are registering, you would also need to give them the location address of the bank, so they have a reference point.

To deposit money into your ClickandBuy account number, you actually need to provide the online casino with the relevant details pertaining to that account, and the casino remits the funds to your account. To transfer the money from your ClickandBuy account into your bank/credit card account, you need to select the account number you want to send it to (which you would already have registered), fill the relevant details, and send the money.

In case you are sending money, the next step then is for you to confirm that you actually wish to send out the money from your ClickandBuy account to the given destination account number. Once you do that the transaction is executed. You receive notification on your e-mail id (which you would need to mention while registering the ClickandBuy account) once the money is sent our or has come into your account.
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