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Ease of Use (8)

One of the best things about ClickandBuy, as mentioned earlier in the review, is the simplicity and ease of use. The process itself is very easy to comprehend and proof of this is the huge number of customers who use ClickandBuy. One thing you must be clear about at the beginning is whether the location you are in supports online casino transactions through ClickandBuy or not. If they don't then you will not be able to conduct the transaction.

Promptness (9)

Like all other online transaction methods, ClickandBuy is very fast when it comes to processing payments. This is also dependent to an extent on the speed of the Internet connection as well. There is not much you can do if the Internet connection is slow. On a normal connection, the entire process of sending/receiving money through ClickandBuy happens in seconds.

Mulitple Currencies (8)

Another cool thing about ClickandBuy is that it supports not just US Dollars but also many of the other currencies. While a casino itself may conduct its transactions in US Dollars (as happens in some specific cases), you can generally process payments in GBPs and Euros as well at ClickandBuy, apart from US Dollars.

Security (10)

The key aspect that all of us think of the moment when we talk of online transactions is security. What if some malicious element breaks into a computer yours or mine and tampers with your personal data and also illegally uses your money to fund their activities? These are serious threats, and ClickandBuy and other such players address these issues using high-end software systems like firewalls to ensure nobody is able to access another person’s account.

Security online when it comes to the usage of credit cards is fairly tight and rather impenetrable. All casino platforms use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to ensure that the data you're transmitting can not be compromised either from the source or destination. The one thing to ensure is that you're computer is up to date with the latest software updates, virus protection and firewall to reduce the risk of the data being compromised on your computer by a hacker who has invaded your computer. The best recommendation we can give here would be to purchase and install a copy of Norton Internet Security.

Casinos Accepting ClickandBuy

8.75 / 10
Overall Score 8.75
Ease of Use 8
Promptness 9
Mulitple Currencies 8
Security 10

ClickandBuy Highlights
  • Use of multiple currencies
  • Total security and transparency
  • Speed of transaction
  • Solid reputation in the market and strong customer base

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