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Many customers like to use their credit card to open an account at an online casino. That provides a lot of convenience, certainly, because of the immediacy of the transaction and the familiarity people have with transactions of that nature. But because of that familiarity; because of the popularity of that kind of transaction, and the record of the transaction that exists, the customer is at a point where he/she is vulnerable.

That is because there are laws that have been passed in the United States which make it much more problematic to open up a casino account using a credit card. Also, government authorities have been in the process of availing themselves of the details of these transactions. The very fact that governments can have access to a bank account makes some people understandably nervous.

This is what makes the use of the "e-wallet" more attractive.

Through the electronic transactions that are processed over these alternate payment methods, the customer can find a different level of privacy that may not be available through a regulated banking institution. And different e-wallets follow different procedures, as might be expected.

In the case of Click2Pay, there is perhaps even more privacy for the customer, because of the ability to complete transactions that go through as instantaneously as a credit card, yet make those transactions relatively anonymous. Click2Pay is the "go-between"; they are the ones who are, in effect, executing the transaction.
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