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Ease of Use (0)

In terms of actual use, things are laid out relatively easily once you become a customer using Click2Pay, because transactions are made on a point-and-click basis, in which you are simply giving your account ID and personal account number (PAN). Everything gets processed as a "Click2Pay transaction" and the merchant you're doing business with never gets your account info. It avoids problems as a "one size fits all" solution that way.

Frankly, however, there is one thing we found rather confusing. When entering the website, there is this disclaimer: "Please note that we do not accept registrations from the U.S." At the same time, there is a customer service number for the U.S. And then, upon trying to go through the sign-up process, this message came: "You are using an IP address which indicates that you are not located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, France, Austria or Germany. Consumer signup at CLICK2PAY is currently limited to those countries, but will be available for other countries soon."

Promptness (0)

A big bonus is that unlike other e-wallets that would normally require you to make a transfer from your bank account before being able to swing into action, Click2Pay is taking the funds right out of your existing bank account, so you can start playing immediately upon finishing the approval process. Of course, you have to be good for the funds.

Mulitple Currencies (0)

Click2Pay presents information on its website to satisfy a plethora of different categories of customers: English, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, Turkish, British. Currencies from people in those countries, which also cover many other countries (those that speak the same language) are supported. Withdrawals work in any of the currencies you select.

Security (0)

There are certainly a number of security procedures that are undertaken to make sure nobody is establishing a Click2Pay account in your name or using it without authorization. Part of the initial process involves personal contact with someone from Click2Pay, and there is also the matter of verifying a micro-deposit that is made on your behalf into the bank account you register with them.

Click2Pay prides itself on being very heavy on security, conducting transmission of personal data over SSL-secure connections. There is service on a series of connected servers, so as to minimize (or even eliminate) the possibility of interrupted service.

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Click2Pay Highlights
  • High levels of security
  • Instant payment processing for existing customers
  • Merchants don't get your banking info

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