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Caribbean Stud Rules

Five card stud has always been a game that is recognized. Most individuals learn to play this game before delving further into possible variations. Caribbean Stud is a variation of five card stud. Normally it is played as a table game in casinos, kind of like the tables of Blackjack. There are two differences in this game that we will mention further on. However, first you should know that Caribbean Stud did start on a cruise ship in the Caribbean Islands before it moved through the US and parts of Europe.

You will play Caribbean Stud with a single deck of fifty two cards. The differences in Caribbean Stud are that you play the dealer or house rather than other players, and there is a jackpot bonus. The jackpot is progressive and added to help encourage more players to join in. It has a very high advantage for the house and bluffing is pretty much unattainable.

When you start the play you will place an ante bet. Then the dealer will offer five cards face down to each player. The dealer will also get a five card hand. Of the dealers hand four cards are face down with the last card face up. The player based on the up card can choose to fold or stay in the game. If they stay in the game there is going to be another bet placed. This bet should double the ante bet i.e.when you play five dollars on the ante you must place another $5 to stay in the game. The rest of the dealer hand will be revealed after the second bet. If the dealer has the ace/ king in their hand the play can continue. If not the player gets even money on the ante and the second bet is given back.

When the dealer has the king and ace in the hand the play will continue. The player must then show their hand. If the hand is better than the dealer hand showing the player will win.

The table below outlines how much you can win for the type of hand you have:



Royal Flush


Straight Flush


Four of a Kind


Full House






Three of a Kind


Two Pair






The progressive jackpot is going to be a side bet. This means the jackpot has little to do with your hand. A player must place a dollar in the jackpot. The bet is stating that the hand of cards the player will receive will be a flush or better. If the hand wins then the player gets the jackpot according to the payout on the table above. To get everything in the pot the player must have the Royal Flush. Casinos are going to vary on whether they offer the progressive jackpot and whether or not the pay will be the same. Most casinos have their own pay tables so be sure to check them before playing.

Caribbean Stud Lessons
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