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Caribbean Stud History

Many times we don't really know where a card game will originate from. That is not the case with Caribbean Stud Poker. We know that the game started in the Caribbean Islands. In fact we can go further than that to say it was first played on a cruise ship. The game is not the best poker hand to play as the odds are not in the players favor. In fact the house has the most to gain. After its inception on the cruise ships the game was brought to America for the land casinos. It was a little after this time that the progressive jackpot option was added to make the game more attractive to casino customers. The bonus is somewhat of a lure, but still doesn't make it the most popular game. While it is still played in land casinos, it has been more popular online where the odds are always better. The game will continue to be played, but little can be said as to why, except for the easy to learn rules.

Card games are always based on something and in this case Caribbean poker does have origins dating back to the 1500's. During this time there was a three card game known as Primera in Spain. This three card game has several names such as Primero, Brag, Pochen, and Poque. It will just depend on where you are located. Some are the names you will find in the UK while others are German or French. In this early game you had hands such as the three of a kind, pair, or 3 of the same suit also called a Flux back then. The term has now been changed to flush. In the 1700's the game changed so that betting and the option of being able to bluff were added. As you will see in Caribbean Stud it is very hard to bluff your way through the game, so at least that much has changed from these earlier versions.

The game supposedly hit the shores of the United States in the 1700's as well. It seems the French brought it along to the South. The game has always been very successful in the south, and by the 19th century it had moved its way further into the US. Documents found by scholars tend to show the significance of the game during those times. It was mentioned in many journals and other written artifacts.

Poker has always been popular no matter the game. Even during the time when gambling was illegal it was played in underground places. The fact that Nevada, and especially Las Vegas was able to bring back the many poker games in the early 1900's shows just how much we are still enjoying the game. In 1930 Caribbean Stud was back in popularity in the Nevada casinos; though it continues to wane there will always be a resurgence of this particular poker variation.

Caribbean Stud Lessons
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