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Knockout Wizard Gaming online casino slot awesome.

Rating: by: beacher, on June 26, 2009
Pros: Awesome bonus round, great symbols, animations and sounds
Cons: Found that some of the prizes were kind of low!

Not sure if there's very many boxing fans out there that play at online casinos but as a huge boxing fan myself I felt like I needed to write a review about this game to give it my full endorsement!

The bonus round in this game (well actually from what I've seen so far in all Wizard Gaming) online casino games are awesome and offer more interactivity and animations then most of the other online casinos with their slots that I've played in the past.

In the bonus round you get to actually fight and opponent well sort of. When you enter the bonus round there are two boxers in the ring and you select where you want to hit the boxer. Based on where you hit him you'll receive a corresponding prize that's randomly allocated to each of the regions in the game. The cool thing that keeps me motivated in playing this game is that if you select well and hit the "Jackpot" symbol you knockout your opponent and win all the prizes in the "Star" region areas within the bonus game.

Overall this game is great the only downside I found was that the spread of some of the prizes in the main game were a bit low but I think it's made up for by a stellar bonus round and some great prizes that can be won in this bonus game.


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