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Wire Transfer Player Reviews and Votes

Slower then other options but best for withdrawals IMO
Rating: by: raoulnami, on July 03, 2010
Pros: Reliable and safest way to get money out from an online casino site.
Cons: Slower then some of the alternative banking options that are available.
Wire transfers may not be the quickest means of withdrawing funds from online casinos but if there's one thing that's for sure it's the fact that it's the most reliable when it comes to withdrawing larger amounts. Unfortunately many of the alternative banking options like NETeller back in the day was always really restrictive I found in the amount... Read More »
A lesson to newbies when it comes to wire transfers.
Rating: by: kingcoopa, on June 14, 2010
Pros: Best method for withdrawling funds from the casino.
Cons: Slower then other options that are out there.
Wire transfers are by far one of the most effective ways to get money from online casinos on the withdrawal side of things. As players we always want things to be rather prompt and because of that have certain expectations. Unfrotunately the issue with wire transfers as far as getting funds to online casinos takes a long time so thus getting up... Read More »
Best way to get lots of money to the casino and to withdrawal.
Rating: by: lfet121, on April 10, 2010
Pros: Safe and effective way to send cash to the casino.
Cons: Takes longer then credit card and some of the alternative banking methods.
If you look at land based casinos the way that all the big players get their money to and from the casino is though the use of Wire Transfers. Sending Wire transfers to online casinos has evolved into becoming one of the best ways to go about getting funds sent to the casinos you play at. Why bother making 20 deposits at 1K a pop when you could... Read More »
Wire transfers for online casino deposits top method.
Rating: by: pillatto, on December 20, 2009
Pros: Reliable way of transfering funds to online casinos
Cons: Does generally take longer then other methods
When you play online for a while and you're from the US you'll come to realize that there's definitely some frustrations and more importantly inconveniences surrounding playing at online casinos. I know that most people out there recommend to players that they go and use their credit card in order to make deposits at online casinos. There's... Read More »
Wire Transfers slow to get money into online casinos!
Rating: by: sandychezeno, on October 29, 2009
Pros: Good option for withdrawals and it's also good for transfering large sums!
Cons: Slow method of depositing funds into your casino account.
I'm not the most savvy online gambler out there but I would imagine that the use of Wire Transfer to make deposits at online casinos would not be the best option. In light of the fact that Wire Transfer are by no means a method of transferring funds where you can get money into the casino so you can play in less then at minimum a few days that it... Read More »
Wire Transfer for US Players at casinos best option
Rating: by: andyblack, on September 16, 2009
Pros: Pretty much guaranteed to be able to send and receive funds to and from casinos.
Cons: Takes a lot longer then other options that are avilable at online casinos!
If you've ever dealt with issues related to making deposits at online casinos as a US player then you'd know that there is still headaches associated with making deposits and withdrawals to and from online casinos using your credit card. I'm not by any means knocking on credit cards as this option in terms of deposits is still one I use most... Read More »
I think wire transfer are one of my favorite casino deposit options.
Rating: by: angiekent, on April 15, 2009
Pros: Simple method of getting funds across to online casinos.
Cons: Can take a few days from the time you issue the wire with your bank.
I know what you might be thinking why would this person prefer to use wire transfers which are slow and inefficient to deposit funds into their online casino account. Well there are a few reasons actually which I've outlined below as to why I prefer to deposit and withdrawal funds to and from online casinos using wire transfers as my preferred... Read More »
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