Winning Casino Craps

Title: Winning Casino Craps

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Added: Wednesday November 19th 2008

Edwin Silberstang's "Winning Casino Craps" is the fundamental beginners guide on how to successfully and strategically play craps. This book takes you on an exciting journey into learning the "why" and "how" of casino craps, the book also speaks to the experienced player that wants to cut the houses' odds.

Silberstang carefully describes the background of the game and most significantly identifies bets that a standard player should stay away from bets in which the odds are not in the players favor. He clearly points out how you can maximize your winnings by betting the 'right' way, and minimize your losses by placing 'wrong' bets. Included in the book is a dice story - which enticed me to get to the nearest casino, a section on how to manage your money at the table - regardless of your financial resources, and individual stories.

On a personal note, my crap skills have considerably improved after reading the book and I've passed the book to my friends and family who are learning the tricks and trades of the game. Bottom line, players must decide for themselves when its time to quit as Silberstang stresses that walking away a winner is key. Once you mange to double to amount you brought to the table, then it's a smart time to quit.

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