Winning Casino Blackjack For The Non-Counter

Title: Winning Casino Blackjack For The Non-Counter

Review Author: Adam Baker
Added: Tuesday July 14th 2009

The Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter book and blackjack guide is a must read introductory book on playing casino blackjack. Offering a simple and easy to understand style of writing, regardless of what level you're at you can learn a lot about the right way to play each hand in blackjack and also on how to properly manage your bankroll. The section pertaining to optimal basic blackjack strategy will be a big help in eliminating the house edge in this game. Two of the biggest factors in the game of blackjack are money management and your betting strategy both of which the author of the book assures you that you'll be able to play for quite some time and capitalize on winning opportunities when they present themselves.

The first version of this book was printed and released in 1981 but was then re-released in 1992. The issue from 1992 is now in it's fourth printing and has nearly doubled in content since it's original edition debuted. Mr. Cardoza takes you though a walk of how the games is played and the most common variations of the game that can be found and played. The book makes is simple to understand basic strategic concepts when playing hand and this is one area of the book where his straightforward writing style comes in handy!

If you're trying to avoid a lot of mathematics and statistics which often times blackjack books present you with you need not worry. The author presents and explains clear cases for the playing decisions players must make compared to the dealer's up card. Although the principles defined and presented in this book are done so in a non scientific/mathematical manner they are done so and based on these same mathematical variables only defined and written about in such a wy that they're far more suitable for the non-mathematical/technical player.

The book provides charts showing when you should hit, stand, double down, pair split for each of the combinations based on the dealers up card. Chats and betting tables for both single deck and multiple deck blackjack games are made available in this game. There are charts that cater to a variety of blackjack variations including Northern Nevada, Las Vegas Downtown, Las Vegas Strip, Atlantic City and European blackjack. Most of these are also applicable to when you're playing blackjack at online casinos as well.

Also included are plays for double down after splitting pairs, late surrender and early surrender. Learning the charts well and getting a full understanding of what's discussed in this book is a sure way to help eliminate as much of the house edge as possible in this game.

The core of this book is the betting strategy and depends on your observations and how many low and high value cards have been played. It's not card counting but mere observations and Mr. Cardoza makes it clear and give five guidelines on how to have an edge over the casino though there observations.

I believe the money management chapter of the book to be one of the most interesting and important chapters to read and fully understand in the book. One of the key factors in blackjack is being able to stay in the game long enough that you can hold out until such a time that winning situations occur. The section dealing with bankroll, minimizing your losses maximizing your gains is especially good.

This book is a great book for anyone starting out for recreational players and for tourists. The information presented in the book is solid and comes is written about by someone who really knows what they're talking about. As an editor here at Casino Advisor I've read many of these books and I always find the books I read that are most specifically about blackjack to be lacking in areas. I've found this book to be comprehensive enough that I'd write about it and recommend it to others out there interested in learning blackjack.

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