Wheel of Fortune Details Page

    Wheel of Fortune Details Page

Software (9)

The software has certain advantages and disadvantages. It allows players to select paylines according to their choice instead of selecting them in a predetermined sequence. Players can also wager unequal amounts on different paylines. On the negative side, the basic customization options like adjusting game speed and sound volume are missing. Even Auto Play is not available. However the Bet Max facility is provided.

Easy to Understand (10)

As such Wheel of Fortune is a simple slot game. The only innovation is in the three level Jackpot accumulators that become cashable in the bonus round. However the rules are very clearly explained and there should be no problem in following them.

Graphics & Sounds (7)

The graphics and sounds are weaker compared to other contemporary slot games. The graphics and music have no exceptional qualities. The animations also exist in only a few symbols and even then they are not up to the mark. The layout is such that even at full screen the reels are smaller than usually found in slot games.

Game Speed (10)

The Wheel of Fortune is an extremely popular television show. There have been several slot games based on this concept, which is extremely popular. The symbols on the reels adequately reflect the kind of prizes that the television show offered. The background to the reels is predominantly in gold which also adds richness to the theme. The Jackpot accumulator and the Wheel of Fortune bonus round again reinforce the theme.

Game Features (10)

The bonus game is the highlight of the Wheel of Fortune slot. Apart from offering high fixed payouts the bonus game gives players a chance to win their accumulated jackpots. This is countered by the risk of hitting the Bankrupt slice and losing it all. However players who have become bankrupt are given a chance to recover through a Double or Nothing Wheel. There is no free spins round but that is not missed because of the other features.

Betting Options (8)

Wheel of Fortune offers only one coin size and that too of 1.00 credits. This not only reduces the flexibility but raises the betting levels, which may drive away low rollers. The betting range starts at 1.00 and goes up to 45.00 credits.

Jackpots (10)

Though there is no progressive jackpot, the Jackpot accumulators make up for the loss. The fixed jackpots are also very attractive.

9.15 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 7
Game Speed 10
Game Features 10
Betting Options 8
Jackpots 10

Wheel of Fortune Highlights
  • The Jackpot accumulator
  • The Wheel of Fortune bonus round
  • The highest fixed jackpot of 50000 credits
  • Players can select paylines in any order
  • Players can bet different amounts on different paylines

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