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Volatility In Online Casino Slots Games

By: Shirley Spicer, Tuesday September 1st 2009
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Everybody understands what volatility in the stock market is. When the stock market fluctuates between very high and very low values we say that it is volatile. The same concept applies to online slot games. There are some slot games that in the short run either pay out large amounts or almost nothing. Therefore the player will either make a big winning or lose a large amount. These are referred to as slot games with high volatility. On the other hand there are slot games that in the short run would usually pay out small amounts regularly. On such slot games the players will either win small amounts or lose small amounts. These are referred to as slot games with low volatility. In between these two extremes are slot games with medium volatility.

In order to identify if a slot game as high volatility, medium volatility or low volatility the player needs to check out the payout table. He should examine the payouts for five of a kind for the various symbols on the reels. This payout is expressed as a number which is a multiple of the number of coins wagered. It is also known as the fixed jackpot. For example if the payout for five of a certain symbol is 2,000 then it implies that for every coin wagered by the player the payout is 2,000 coins of the same denomination. The difference between the highest payout and the lowest payout for five of a kind is an indicator of the volatility of the online slot game. In most online slot games the lowest fixed jackpot is usually around 50 or 100 coins. Therefore the value of the highest fixed jackpot can be considered as an indicator of the volatility of the slot game.

Online slot games with very high volatility are those games that offer the highest fixed jackpot of 50,000 coins or more. Some such slot games are American Icon (100,000 coins), Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders (100,000 coins), Break da Bank Again (75,000 coins) and The Right Prize (300,000). In such slot games if the players hit the highest fixed jackpot they win amounts comparable to progressive jackpots. Otherwise they may play for hours and keep on losing their wagers. There are few online slot games that fall in this category because not many players would like to take such high risks.

Online slot games with high volatility are those games that offer the highest fixed jackpot of more than 10,000 coins to 50,000 coins. There are many such slot games. Some of the popular slots falling in this category are $5 Million Touchdown (15,000 coins), Daily Horoscope (25,000 coins), Solomon's Mines (40,000 coins) and Spike's Nite Out (15,000 coins)

Online slot games with moderate volatility are those games that offer the highest fixed jackpot of between 5000 coins and 10,000 coins. Most of the online slot games will fall in this category because most players are moderate risk takers. Some of the popular slots falling in this category are Magic Monkey (6,000 coins), Mermaid Queen (7,500 coins), Monster Meteors (5,000 coins) and Sea Captain (10,000 coins).

Online slot games with low volatility are those games that offer the highest fixed jackpot of less than 5000 coins. There are few slots of this type because such slots offer little expectation to the players. Some of the popular slots falling in this category are Sparta (4,000 coins), Samba Nights (2,000 coins), Pedal Power (2,000 coins) and Monster Mania (1,000 coins).

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Comment by: meusplayer On: December 07, 2009
Love the games that are far more volatile myself. I suppose I'm a sucker for the big prize even though I know that it's not very likely that I'm going to hit these big prizes I still strive for them, obviously as I think that most players do and want to win the same thing.
Comment by: Ponto Rio On: December 01, 2009
Like it both ways but I too prefer and look for games that have higher jackpot wins for 5x (w) vs. other things unless it has a whirlwind of features that too would make the game highly appealing to me and worthwhile to check out and play if I've never played it before.
Comment by: Eric Millier On: November 20, 2009
I'm with you guys I like a balance of both. However if I had to choose which one I preferred between games that payout more often or games with bigger jackpot prizes I would have to pick and choose to play with the game that offers the higher jackpot prize.
Comment by: Andy B. On: November 12, 2009
A balance of the variables involved in producing a slot game are key in my opinion when it comes to whether a game is too volatile and doesn't payout enough or visa versa. I do prefer games that are somewhere in between the two extremes as I find this to be the best balance which makes for the most entertaining gaming expereince for myself.
Comment by: Joshua On: November 06, 2009
I really enjoy playing games that have higher volatility and bigger prizes as well. I think that having some options and variety is key!
Comment by: Jordan On: November 04, 2009
Each player when it comes to volatility of any game of chance has their own preference. Some players and gamblers prefer to play the lottery where about 99.9% of the volatility is in the big jackpot and only 0.01% is in the rest of the prizes that are awarded after a draw. Personally I too prefer a balance games that payout but decent prizes. I like winning bigger prizes less often (well you know what I mean) then smaller prizes more often.
Comment by: charlie62 On: October 21, 2009
Games with higher volatility are more enjoyable as you have something to shoot for the big prize that is. At the same time though games that don't payout any small prizes are very boring and ones that I don't really care to play myself.
Comment by: Paul K. On: October 07, 2009
Games with good volatility are much better to play however I prefer games where the volatility is in the bonus rounds that way when you hit a bonus round you have a really good chance at winning some rather big prizes as opposed to waiting for a 5x Wild line win combo which generally accounts for one of the largest wins while playing slots online and offline for that matter.
Comment by: Sharon Wallace On: October 03, 2009
Like many of you I too like games with bigger jackpots and higher volatility however I do like games also that offer more frequent payouts depending on the type of slot game that I'm playing. I used to play a lot of 3 reel slot games at online casinos but really don't any more. I find that the games that I play most now are the 5 reel slots and there's generally no shortage of these kinds of games with different payouts and focus on volatility and payout frequency... So for me I found a set of about 5 - 6 games that I really enjoy playing and play mostly when I play online.
Comment by: Alice B On: September 22, 2009
I'm with most of you in your comments and have to agree that games with higher volatility are far more enjoyable for me! I really prefer playing these kinds of games and find that they are way more entertaining in the long run.
Comment by: Kent Wallace On: September 12, 2009
I agree with all of your comments and I really don't think there's a right or wrong when it comes to players preferences in online slots games. I do beleive that there is quite a bit of variance in the games out there and that some will like games with higher volatility and others not so much. On a personal level I like games with higher volatility but games where not all the volatility is in one line symbol but spread between line wins and the bonus rounds. Like it's been said by others here though it's a fine balance between the two that makes a game good!
Comment by: casinowizard On: September 10, 2009
Games that are too volatile suck because you never win and games that have very little volatility do as well as you win often but very small prizes. I think that there always needs to be a good balance and the volatility index in slots games should be as such that it's in a region where the player feels comfortable but more importantly engaged. I know that when I go to land based casinos I rarely win but beleive that the cause is two fold. First I think and know that land based casinos take more from players especially during a recession and additionally they set their volatility on a lot of their games when they're initially designed to be fairly high.
Comment by: Carmen Diablo On: September 08, 2009
I'm with you all I too like games with higher volatility. I find that these games offer the most in way of excitement. Also when you do hit that big win that you've been waiting for you'll know that it's time to quit and walk away. Games with lower volatility make it hard to walk away because the win amounts are typically so small and not really worth while.
Comment by: SlotsFresh On: September 07, 2009
Games with higher volatility will generally drain your bankroll quicker as the frequency of higher wins is more spread out and sporadic. I think that for me personally I like games with medium volatility. Therefore you get the best of both worlds.
Comment by: Jerry Martin On: September 04, 2009
I'm with you all on this too although it often times depends on my mood. I do prefer in general games where there are bigger prizes. Even though i may not win as often it's still more fun to win a big prize once then several small prizes over the course of while you're playing... still you do want to win from time to time but having a good balance of the two I think is key.
Comment by: Kenny Curron On: September 03, 2009
Agreed games with bigger volatility are great... I think personally that newer players will prefer games with less volatility and more frequent wins though. I think it's a preference thing more then anything else and that's why both online casinos and land based casinos offer such a nicer variety and spread of games that offer both.
Comment by: Bob Hathaway On: September 02, 2009
Games with bigger 5x Wild symbol jackpot wins are the ones that I favor playing. I think that having decent prizes and volatility in the bonus rounds is great but a lot of the time the volatility in free spins bonus rounds comes from symbols and wins from the main game. Anyways regardless I too like games with bigger prizes.
Comment by: Elizabeth On: September 02, 2009
Just like you Danny I really enjoy playing the games with higher volatility as well. Especially when the bulk of the games volatility is in the bonus rounds whether it be standard pick and choose type bonuses or in free spin bonus rounds. I find that when the bulk of the big prizes that you can win are in the bonuses that when you hit the bonus rounds it makes it that much more exciting.
Comment by: Danny Spicer On: September 02, 2009
I like playing a spread of both games with higher volatility and those with less volatility that payout more often. If I had to pick which I prefer it would have to be games with higher volatility and bigger prizes. It much nicer and better to hit a bigger prize less times then smaller prizes more often. I think that there's a certain level of excitement with this sort of a win that cannot be had with smaller win amounts.

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