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Video Poker Rules

With video poker online you are able to bet as small as 25 cents or as much as five dollars per round. It will of course depend on the online casino as well as the game you are going to play. Usually you must have at least 20 dollars in the machine to start playing in any of the denominations listed.

After you choose your wager you are going to click on the deal or deal draw option. This will give you the five cards you are waiting to see. We are going to give you information on the possible poker hands you can have. In most online video poker you need to have at least jacks or better as a pair to get a payout. Sometimes you need more than that in the cards like kings or better as well as three of a kind.

To get a better hand you will be able to hold the cards you would like to keep and get rid of the other cards. Once you have the cards you want to keep you are going to press the draw or deal button again.

Here is how it works:

  1. You will put in the amount of money you are going to wager with

  2. Then you select draw

  3. Once the cards are displayed choose to hold those that will give you the best hand possible and discard the rest.

  4. Click on the deal button again.

  5. At this point the machine will offer winnings based on the pay tables for the hand you have showing. If you don't have a hand that offers a payout you lose the bet.

  6. Once you are done playing you will need to get your cash from the machine.

Depending on the version of draw poker you are playing you may get to double your winnings. You can double your winnings by a secondary game. In this game the computer asks if you want to double. If you say yes, you need to choose the higher card. You see the computer will lay down five cards. One will be facing up. That is the computer's card. To win this bet and get double your pay out you have to have the higher card. If the card is a king you would need an ace. If the card is a three, any card higher than that will win you double. Once you enter this mode you cannot decline and the computer card is not shown until after you agree. It is a dangerous option.

To win in video poker you may need the hands outlined below:

  1. When you have a pair of Jacks or higher you can win

  2. In some games you need Kings are higher to win the bet as a pair combo.

  3. If you have two pair you will win. This is when you have two 3's and two kings or another variation of pairs.

  4. Three of a kind- in which the cards all have the same face.

  5. Four of a kind- in which you have four cards of the same face.

  6. Five of a kind is possible with a wild card- when you have four cards of the same face and the wild card.

  7. A straight is five sequenced cards not of the same suit- i.e. ace, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  8. Flush: this is five cards that are of the same suit, but not sequenced- i.e. ace, 2, 3, 4, and 6 of spades or 3, 6, 9, king, ace of clubs.

  9. Straight flush is where the cards are sequenced and the same suit such as 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of spades.

  10. Royal Flush is when you have the ten, jack, queen, king and ace of one suit such as hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs.

  11. Wild Royal Flush is when one card is not of the actual sequence in the royal flush, but acts like that card. For example the joker could be the ten of spades if that was missing from the royal flush you have going for spades.

Video Poker Lessons
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