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Shaaark! Player Reviews and Votes

Shaaark online casino video slot game a good one
Rating: by: wrinkle, on June 16, 2010
Pros: Fun game to play.
Cons: The graphics in the game could be better.
I've been playing at Online Vegas and at other online casinos for some time now and have grown to love several of their games. There are some games that I really can't stand playing but for the most part I do really rather enjoy playing the bulk of what Vegas Technology online casinos have to offer me in terms of games. Most of the games that I... Read More »
Shaaark video slot game kinda worthy of playing at casinos
Rating: by: kristoph, on March 07, 2010
Pros: Good game overall.
Cons: Would be nice to have seen a gamble feature in the game.
Not the best Vegas Technology powered online casino slot game that I've ever played but the new game that's been released by them called Shaaark! isn't all that bad actually. The graphics in the game are a bit better then some of their other games but it's still surprising to me that the quality of the graphics in their game hasn't gotten a lot... Read More »
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