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Using Microgaming Casino Statistics

By: Joan Peppin, Friday April 23rd 2010
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Most casino roulette games provide some statistical information to players and Microgaming provides more information than other software providers. Most players ignore the information, which may not be a bad idea. Because the adage a little knowledge is a dangerous thing is very appropriate for casino wagering. This article discusses how Microgaming statistics can be used in roulette games and how they should not be used. European Roulette from Microgaming has been taken as a basis for this article.

The most prominent statistical information appears in a box in the top right hand corner. As numbers are called they appear in the box. Red numbers appear to the left side and black numbers appear to the right. Zero appears in the center. The last 13 numbers called are displayed. The first thing players must note is that the black numbers are displayed in golden color in this roulette variant. Players should not get confused because of this. Many new players think that if there are more red numbers in the box then the probability of a black number being called in the next spin is higher and vice versa. This line of thinking is fallacious. Each spin of the roulette wheel is independent of the previous results. The next number called as equal probability of being red and black no matter what the past history says. Most roulette players wager on the red or black bets. Each bet has the same chance of winning and it does not matter whether players repeat the same color continuously, randomly choose a color each time or go by some method. Therefore if players wager on the color that appears less often in the box they have nothing to lose provided they do not fall into one trap. If they wager the same amount in each bet continuously then they are safe. However, if they see a lot of black numbers in the box and suddenly wager a large amount on red then they are asking for trouble.

There is another feature in Microgaming European Roulette that is slightly more useful. Actually it is more of an indicator than a statistic. It is called Cover and is located in the bottom panel. It indicates the percentage of numbers covered by the placed bets. If a player places a chip on the red bet he is covering 18 of 37 numbers, which is 48.65% and therefore this figure is shown in the Cover cell. Now if a player places an additional chip on 0, he is covering 19 out of 37 numbers and the Cover percentage increases to 51.35%. The most important thing to note is that the value of the chip is not important. For example if the player now adds yet one more chip on red, the Cover percentage will not increase.

The Cover indicator gives some useful information to players who engage in cross betting. For example assume that a player wants to put one chip on red and one chip on one of the three columns. If he chooses the right column then he will be covering 59.46%. If he chooses the central column then he will be covering 70.27% and if he chooses the left column he will be covering 64.86%. This does not imply that his expected return will be higher if he covers a higher percentage. What it implies that he is more likely to win but will win a lower amount and hence his expected return will remain the same. Therefore conservative players would go for higher cover percentages.

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Comment by: Corbin Dallas On: April 29, 2010
Some of these details might come in handy but not really for anything of value that I can think of. The data in terms of last string of numbers that have appeared in roulette really bear no impact on the next set of numbers that are to appear. I really don't know why the statistics would be of very much value. I could see that in a game like blackjack it would be of value provided that the decks weren't shuffled each time a hand was dealt but the fact is that they are so it's not really much help either. It's really more for show then anything else if you ask me.
Comment by: Dilbert Jones On: April 24, 2010
These stats are good to have and look at but in the end whether they actually can benefit you in anyway in terms of finding some sort of bias that Microgaming has overlooked in the game is very much unlikely.

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