Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling by Basil Nestor

Title: Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling by Basil Nestor

Review Author: Joe Valentino
Added: Friday May 15th 2009

Basil Nestor author of the Unofficial Guide to Casino Gambling is not only an author but television producer whose credentials include creating several documentaries (ie. Casinos in the Community) on and about casino gaming in Atlantic City and the midwestern USA. This book has been designed in such a way to give it's readers a basic and comprehensive information, common mistakes made by players and strategies on winning. The book follows a logical flow and is broken up into sections such as machine type games (ie. slots, video slots, video poker), table games (such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps and poker), and other games such as keno and betting on sports. I found most of the chapters within this book to be entertaining and believe that revolve around money management (ie. managing your bankroll and the psychological pitfalls of losing initial winnings), comps and other loyalty rewards such as credits, and generally how to enjoy the casino experience.

Although casino games seem simple on the service every year millions of people around the globe lose billion playing at casinos both online and offline. For one simple reason people generally lack on information rather then luck. Above and beyond the information presented about Las Vegas and Atlantic City gaming the book also discusses riverboat and dockside gambling in addition to the boom in Indian Reservation gaming destinations. This book was particularly interesting to me seeing as Casino Advisor is as site that caters primarily to those seeking information on and about online casinos. The book features information about internet casinos making it a more interesting read for the visitors of this site. Nestor does a good job in this book delivering information that casinos and other experts simply won't tell you which include:

  • Full explanation of main casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, craps and others.
  • Analysis of odds and advantages in certain types of play.
  • Identifies sucker bets and exposes them for what they are scams. He also looks into betting systems that ultimately lose player money!
  • There's clarification on various security protocols.
  • A good job is done teaching potential gambler to apply methods that can help increase winning potential.

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