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Uninstalling Internet Casino Software

By: Joe Valentino, Friday February 12th 2010
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Most players prefer to use the Download version of the online casino software. This version offers the entire range of casino games and also offers greater stability while wagering. But as players download more and more games from an online casino and download the software of different online casinos, the computer memory usage starts building up. If the players are still using the older computers, then this usage of memory can slow down processing speeds to the extent that online casino game play suffers. The latest machines come with sufficient memory to accommodate several online casinos without affecting the speed. However, the desktop space gets cluttered with icons and the start menu becomes longer.

Therefore it is prudent that players remove from their computers the software of the online casinos they are not playing at or not likely to play at in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately those players who are not computer savvy do not go about this the correct way. Some simply delete the desk top icon of the online casino. The desk top icon is simply a short cut to access the software. Removing it does clear the desk top space but the program remains in the computer. Others delete the folder containing the software. This is also not the right procedure. Before understanding how a player should remove unwanted online casino software, it is essential to understand what exactly happens when the software is installed.

During the installation of the online casino software the core software is stored in the location chosen by default or specified by the player. But components of the software are placed in various system folders. For example a component is placed in the start up menu so as to provide a link to starting the software from there. A component of the software is placed in the desktop folder so as to place an icon on the desktop. Simply deleting the folder that contains the software removes the core software package but leaves the components placed elsewhere as they are. As more and more online casino software are removed by deleting the folders, the components placed elsewhere continue to build up. They are ineffective because the core software has been removed. They eat up space in the memory and in the menus.

Hence unwanted software should not be deleted but should be uninstalled. All software, including online casino software, come with an uninstall facility that exactly mirrors the install process. This facility accesses each and every location where a component of the software was placed during installation and removes it from there before removing the core program folder. Hence a perfect clean up job is done.

The operating system of the computer provides a mechanism for uninstalling the online casino software. Though this system may differ slightly in the different versions of Windows the basic procedure is as follows. Players should click the Start button, select Settings and access the Control Panel. In the Control Panel window they should select and open "Add or Remove Programs". This opens a list of all the programs stored in the computer. When the online casino software that is to be removed is selected it displays information like size of the program and when it was last used. Based on this the player can review his decision of whether or not to remove the software. If he decides to remove it he should click the Remove button. The uninstalling procedure is not immediately started. The player will be asked to confirm his choice. This is to prevent uninstalling as a result of clicking the Remove button by mistake. Once the player confirms his decision the software will be uninstalled.

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Comment by: sadie777 On: February 24, 2010
If you ever have problems uninstalling online casino software as you're saying Amber I would never ever install software by that company ever again. For example if this was the practice of one of the bigger software providers they'd run into a lot of problems with players as no players would want to play if they couldn't remove the darn thing from their computer eventually. Also this would introduce a slue of issues pertaining to people who really need to uninstall software such as problem gamblers.
Comment by: Wrinkle On: February 23, 2010
I've never had any problems uninstalling online casino software myself either...
Comment by: Eric Millier On: February 20, 2010
A lot of online casinos have uninstallers that they ship their software with actually and often times it's better to run the uninstalling using their uninstaller vs. that of the Windows uninstall from the control panel.
Comment by: Corbin Dallas On: February 19, 2010
You'd actually figure that online casinos would want to make it a bit more difficult for players to uninstall online casino software as a means of trying to retain players. At the same time it wouldn't really be a very user friendly approach to their software and could lead to more customer support requests, etc...
Comment by: Amber Tilson On: February 18, 2010
Sometimes uninstalling online casino software can be a pain in the you know what. I remember a while back when I had installed 888 casino software on my computer and there were certain component of their software that wouldn't uninstall and then all of a sudden the casino would once again be there on my computer magically as though the component that was left behind was designed to re-install the software or something. I know that most of the time though whenever I've wanted to uninstall any online casino software I have installed it's no problem what so ever!

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