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Ease of Use (8)

One of the highlights of using UKash is the ease associated with using it. The process is straightforward and downright simple. You do not need to register yourself, nor do you have to provide proof of your age. That is not all. You do not need to show any financial statements or documentation of any sort. All you have to do is buy UKash vouchers.

Buying UKash vouchers is easy because you can get them at any shop near you, if you are in the U.K. or in some parts of Europe. However, if you are not at these locations, then buying UKash vouchers is a serious problem. It is because of this lack of global access that I give it a 7 rating for each of use.

Promptness (9)

This was not very hard to give, considering there is no long wait period or anything like that when you buy UKash. Once you buy UKash vouchers, you can straight away start using them. All you need to do is make your purchases and provide the 19-digit unique number on the voucher. Response time is almost instantaneous, which is something all of us would be glad about.

Mulitple Currencies (7)

Currently, the number of currencies that UKash supports is limited, though there is a converter that you can use to convert to your money to specific currencies. The currencies mostly accepted now are the GBP and the Euro and some of the other European currencies. That will, however, change, as the company opens access to other parts of the world as well.

Security (10)

One of the best things about UKash is the high safety factor. All you are doing is buying UKash vouchers and then redeeming those vouchers by providing the unique 19-digit number on the voucher. That effectively wipes out any chance of serious security threats like identity theft or card fraud. No one else can use your unique UKash voucher number unless and until you give it to them.

Casinos Accepting UKash

8.50 / 10
Overall Score 8.50
Ease of Use 8
Promptness 9
Mulitple Currencies 7
Security 10

UKash Highlights
  • No age proof required
  • Does not require user to have a physical card
  • Easy to use
  • No processing fees

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