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Triple Attack Blackjack

By: Adam Richards, Friday November 26th 2010
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Double Attack Blackjack is a blackjack variant available at some online casinos in which players can double the initial wager after seeing the first card in play. Triple Attack Blackjack is a land casino blackjack variant in which players can triple the initial wager in stages.

Triple Attack Blackjack is played with eight Spanish decks. A Spanish deck is a deck with 48 cards, the tens having being removed. The game begins with the player making the "first attack" wager. Each player is then dealt his first card. The players have the option to make a "second attack" wager, which has to be equal to the "first attack" wager. The dealer then deals his first card face up. The players then have the option to make a "third attack" wager, which again has to be equal to the "first attack" wager. Players can make the "third attack" wager even if they have not made the "second attack" wager.

Thereafter the blackjack game proceeds in more or less the familiar manner. The players are dealt their second cards and the dealer's second card is dealt face down.
If the dealer's face up card is an ace then players can place the insurance wager. In Triple Attack Blackjack winning insurance wagers pay 5 to 1 for a suited blackjack and 2 to 1 for a non-suited blackjack. The other rules under which Triple Attack Blackjack is played are as follows. If the player double or splits, then he has to place additional bets for each attack wager. The player may double on any number of cards, and also double after a split. The player may re-split aces. The six-card Charlie rule applies, which means that if the player gets to six cards without busting, then he shall automatically win. The dealer shall hit a soft 17. The rules that are materially different from normal blackjack are as follows. Blackjack ties are resolved in favor of the player, but blackjack wins pay even money only. If the dealer busts with 22, then any remaining player wagers will push.

Apart from the insurance bet discussed earlier, Triple Attack Blackjack offers two other side bets. One of them is called Suited Royals. This bet pays if the first two cards dealt to the player are of the same suit. In the case of a suited King and Queen the payout is 40 to 1. In the case of suited face cards the payout is 10 to 1 and in the case of any other two suited cards the payout is 2 to 1. The house edge for the Suited Royals side bet is just over 3%. The other side bet is called Triple Match. This bet is decided based on the player's first two cards and dealer's face up card. A suited three of a kind pays 150 to 1. A normal three of a kind pays 20 to 1. A suited pair pays 4 to 1 and any pair pays 2 to 1. The house edge for this bet is just over 5.5%.

Triple Attack Blackjack is a new variant created by Galaxy Gaming. It won the best new table game award at the 2010 Raving Consulting Conference.

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Comment by: Crispulo Federigan On: April 30, 2014
As Aces are counted as 1 or 11, for the dealer side, how would you count 2 aces? Will it be 2, 12, or 22? What about if the dealer is showing card total of 11 plus an ace, will that be counted as 22 as well? This is the gray area I see in this game and I am hoping that someone in authority will be able to enlighten me on this

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