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Transaction Logging Features in Casino Software

By: Adam Baker, Thursday November 6th 2008
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If you check the features of the online gaming software from any major provider you will find mention of logging of gaming transactions and logging of financial transactions. Whereas the specifics may vary from provider to provider the purpose and the essence is the same.

Screenshots from Wizard Gaming Game Play Tracking History:

Screenshots from Wizard Gaming Game Play Tracking History Detail Page:

Logging of gaming transactions implies keeping a record of every move made by every player for every game played and the outcome. Take for example a slots game. The software will log the name of the game, which paylines have been chosen, the coin denomination chosen, the number of coins wagered, the outcomes on each of the paylines and the payouts made if any. This will be done for each and every spin. A similar procedure is followed for each game taking into account the specific requirements of the game. The financial transaction will log each deposit and withdrawal by the player and how it was made. It will also record the transfers for gaming purposes and credits of the winnings. For both the gaming and the financial transactions the date and time will also be logged.

This transaction logging instills confidence in the players in two ways. It demonstrates that the online casino is totally transparent in its dealings. Should any dispute arise the player knows that he can look up the transaction history to check exactly what transpired. For example if the online casino claims that the wagering requirements have not been met the player can access the transaction history and verify for himself. And in the unlikely event that the dispute goes to adjudication the player knows that the adjudicator will have access to the complete and correct audit trail.

Screenshots from Wizard Gaming Financial Tracking History:

The second advantage of transaction logging is to help the player in his decision-making. Take the example of a player who finds himself in a particular situation in a game of blackjack. He recalls that he was in a similar situation a few weeks ago but does not remember what he did then. He can access the transaction history and find out what move he made then and also what was the outcome of the move and then take a considered decision this time.

The exact manner in which transaction logging operates varies from software provider to software provider. At the bottom of the table are online casinos that require the player to send an email to the casino asking for the transaction history. The casino then emails the required information back to the player. Other online casinos allow the player to access the transaction history while logged in but they have to exit from the game before doing so. Companies such as Wizard Gaming, Microgaming, Cryptologic and others offers the most powerful transaction logging tools. PlayCheck a Microgaming service allows players to check their gaming transactions history. CashCheck is yet another Microgaming service which enables them to check their financial transactions history. The beauty of these tools is that they can be activated from the game console without exiting from the game. The player can check what he wants and then continue playing as if undisturbed.

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Comment by: badchristian On: February 22, 2010
Being able to track this info is definitely key and I beleive that all software providers out there should offer such features. I know that some of them don't but they should :)
Comment by: Ben Kaylington On: February 11, 2010
Tracking features to view logs of your game play history I beleive are crucial in that this data is definitely of value to players and I beleive that moving forward that it makes sense that every casino offer it as I know some such as Vegas Technology online casinos don't really offer it.
Comment by: Sandy On: January 19, 2010
Never really used these features in online casinos but they do certainly seem interesting and worth looking into. I think maybe I'll start using them more.
Comment by: Karl Benton On: January 07, 2010
Good feature to have in place especially in the event that there's been some sort of error and you weren't able to complete or finish a transaction or you happened to have forgotten that you made a deposit and want to evaluate the financial history at the casino you're playing at. Most casinos offer these sort of facilities.
Comment by: Melissa J. On: December 24, 2009
I really like the way that it looks that Wizard Gaming is handling their transaction logging. From the screenshots it would appear as though it's really simple to find exactly what you're looking for.
Comment by: luciaworld On: December 18, 2009
I didn't know that people actually use this feature in online casinos. I've seen the history for game play but never knew that people looked at that info. I suppose that if you have a disconnect or something it would make sense!
Comment by: Kerry Bonnenstien On: September 08, 2009
I prefer the more detailed version of logging and more importantly displaying the results from each spin. I've found that the way that Wizard Gaming does it to be quite nice especially by showing you even the selections you made while you're in the bonus rounds both free spins and pick and click type bonus rounds.
Comment by: casinowizard On: July 17, 2009
I too use the the transactional logging features to review games and look for big hits when I'm playing slots in auto-play. Sometimes it's nice to know why you have so much in way of credits after your pre-defined set of auto-plays has completed.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: July 10, 2009
Having these features available for tracking your transactions whether they be financial or gaming related is great. Most of the online casino software providers offer such facilities and they're worth while taking advantage of. It's great actually if you're playing in auto-play and you hit a big win but don't see if cause you're off doing something else. Going back and finding out exactly what combination led to a big win is rather simple using these logging features available.
Comment by: charlie62 On: July 08, 2009
Transactional logging does come in handy if you think there's a discrepancy you can always search though the logs. This information is completely valid so it also instills and promotes transparency in the end to end gaming transaction at online casinos. From what I know this information is also used by offshore gaming authorities (ie. Antigua, Kahnawake, etc...) to ensure that players are not being cheated, etc...

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