The Winners Guide to Casino Gambling: Fourth Edition by Edwin Silberstang

Title: The Winners Guide to Casino Gambling: Fourth Edition by Edwin Silberstang

Review Author: Maggs K.
Added: Wednesday November 26th 2008

As a beginner, I personally enjoy reading gambling books written by Edwin Silberstang, I find his writing style to be very conversational, easy to read and easy to practice in real gaming situations. The Winner's Guide to Casino Gambling: Fourth Edition is just that book.

Silberstang clearly covers the basics you need to know once entering a casino, he describes the classic table games such as; blackjack, roulette, keno, craps and baccarat as well as talks about the slot machines, promotions and casino operations. He focuses on the truth which is that all casino games have a house edge, which we can't overcome, but provides strategies on how to become a savvy player so that you can take advantage of winning situations and minimize the significance of the house edge. Silberstang further examines money management and provides imperative guidance, which is to always leave a winner!

This book has been revised, updated and published in 2005 in order to include new rules and strategies for every major game in the casino, including new popular games. It will therefore, help you find your game and introduce you to the best strategy for that game. My only complaint is with the video poker section, which I found that Silberstang didn't quite cover variations of the game.

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