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Some Basic Issues about Customer Support

By: Adam Richards, Thursday September 17th 2009
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New players and regular prayers both will require assistance from customer support from time to time. However, players should not contact customer support for every small thing they need. It is essential that their first check out is the information required is available on the website of the casino before seeking assistance from customer support. Players who contact customer support needlessly often irritate the representatives of the casinos and this may result in poor service when they really need assistance.

There are two important tenets about customer support. Assistance should be available when it is required. Assistance delayed is of no use. Also assistance should be available without cost to the player. Online casinos factor in the cost of providing customer support in the average payout percentages of their games. Therefore the player is already contributing to the cost of customer support as he is wagering. There is only one method of customer support that measures up both of these tenets. This method is support through live chat.

At one time customer support over telephone was very popular. However in most online casinos toll-free telephone support is available to very few areas such as the United States and Europe. Players from other countries have to call customer support through a paid line and the cost of which has to be borne by the player. This is obviously not acceptable. Another problem with telephone customer support is that it is time consuming. The discussion often involves the exchange of sensitive customer information and therefore the customer support representative has to be certain that he is talking to the stated customer. This involves a cumbersome verification process, which is all the more irritating if the player is paying for the time. Another problem that sometimes arises in telephone customer support is that players cannot understand the accent of the representatives because they belong to different countries.

Another customer support method that does not fulfill all the requirements is support through e-mail. This method is a free of cost to the player and also does not involve verification since the player is already logged in. However the response to e-mails takes time. There is a queue of e-mails to be attended to and most online casinos indicate that they would require up to 24 hours to respond to e-mails. This drastically reduces the utility of e-mails as a method of customer support. No player can afford to wait for 24 hours to sort out problems like payments not being recorded or software freezing up in the middle of a game.

Live chat customer support is perfect. It is free, no verification is required and the response is instantaneous. Therefore players must check out whether the online casino offers live chat customer support. In case it does not then that online casino is really not worth joining. The existence of live chat customer support does not guarantee the quality of the support. It is advisable that players check out the quality of the customer support before opening a real money account or at least before making a deposit at the online casino. Players need to frame some genuine queries the answers to which are not available on the website. Then the players should contact customer support through live chat and put these queries to the representative online and make their judgment as to whether the customer support is satisfactory or not.

New players should simply not assume that they will never require customer support. This simple advice about customer support if taken seriously will avoid heart burns at a later stage.

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Comment by: bentobox On: January 08, 2010
Good casinos will have good customer support and those that aren't really overly concerned about their customer support won't last long term if you ask me. I beleive that it's best that online casinos focus a lot of their time and energies on their ability to satisfy their players by ensuring that they're really on the ball with this part of the business.
Comment by: Dilbert Jones On: January 03, 2010
Customer support and good customer support is the key to having a good online casino gambling expereince. Knowing that you can get someone on the phone whose not an idiot and knows what they're talking about will save you a lot of grief. So I think that when choosing an online casino to play at it's always worth while to look into what players have to say about their customer support service.
Comment by: Laura B. On: October 26, 2009
Getting access to customer support and getting someone physically there to help you with an issue you might be having regardless of whether you're playing at an online casino or dealing with another issue outside of gambling is really key. No one likes to wait and I think that what makes online casinos so great and some of them at least is that they do have access to live real time chat where you can generally get someone to talk to directly pretty much right away.
Comment by: Randy D On: September 25, 2009
Live chat if you need to talk to the customer support team at whatever online casino you're playing at is key and is far better and easier then waiting on the phone even. I think that it's my preferred option of contacting them and for me it's what I look for more the toll free number as I'd rarely call the online casinos that I play at.
Comment by: budahbless On: September 24, 2009
Two criteria that I use to ensure that the casinos that I play at in terms of customer support meet my standard. They must have a toll free number that I can reach from my calling area and they must have live chat. If you have these two things you shouldn't have to worry about it too much!

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