Slots Oasis Casino Player Reviews
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Slots Oasis Casino Player Reviews and Votes

Playing at Slots Oasis online casino is a real pleasure
Rating: by: megamash, on May 20, 2010
Pros: Great great great!
Cons: Nothing bad to report.
Playing at online casinos doesn't need to take a risk taker in terms of there being so many scamming online casinos out there when you know that the casino you're playing at it top notch. Playing at online casinos like Slots Oasis really does make a big difference in terms of the quality of the gaming experience that you end up getting. The... Read More »
Slots Oasis Online Casino a fine casino for all types of players.
Rating: by: billrise, on January 21, 2010
Pros: A top rated slots bonus one of the best I've seen.
Cons: More gearted towards slots players if yo ask me.
I've been playing on Slots Oasis casino for some time now and I've learned them to be one of the most formidable online casinos that I've played at for some time. For me I think it's largely associated with their first time deposit bonus whereby I can deposit $1000 and get $4000 in free casino credits from which to play with for a total bankroll... Read More »
An online casino brand that's not only slots!
Rating: by: egghead, on November 29, 2009
Pros: Pleanty of games, good graphics, nice slots bonus!
Cons: No slots tournaments
Slots Oasis may come across as an online casino brand that would make you think that perhaps they're all just about slots games and only catering to slots players but it's not the case. Although the name of the casino is Slots Oasis it doesn't mean anything really as these guys also offer all the other casino games under the sun that you can think... Read More »
Slots or no slots this online casino rocks and is worth checking out.
Rating: by: caddyshack, on August 07, 2009
Pros: Impressive online casino with great slots and full selection of other games.
Cons: I don't know yet I don't think there are any really.
I've only really posted a few times here on Casino Advisor that being everything in the forum and discussion board and reviews on things I feel are worth writing about. As someone whose been in the world of online casino gaming for some time now I consider myself to be very capable of determining which online casinos are good and worthy of playing... Read More »
Great Online Casino For All Slots Players Out There
Rating: by: skilljack, on June 03, 2009
Pros: Great sign-up bonuses one of the best I've seen for slots players!
Cons: A few hiccups from time to time with the lobby.
If you're an avid slots player then there's no doubt that Slots Oasis is a good match. For myself I quite the slots player although I like to think otherwise and do indulge in playing other casino games. So far I've really enjoyed playing at Slots Oasis and wanted to share my expereince with everyone else out there looking for a high quality slots... Read More »
I really love playing at Slots Oasis Casino
Rating: by: Kipster, on February 19, 2009
Pros: Sweet website, great bonuses, fun and good slots games.
Cons: Difficult to hit features in their slots games.
Big that I'm a big fan of online casinos doesn't necessarily mean that I love playing at all of them. There's no doubt that I have my favorites of which now Slots Oasis has come up on the top of that list. Having played at online casinos for many years now I know what to look for in a good high quality online casino and I've found everything to... Read More »
Slots Oasis is an overall great online casino.
Rating: by: Watergate, on February 05, 2009
Pros: Fabulous online casino with great customer support and bonuses.
Cons: Had a few errors and the casino client shut down.
Slots Oasis is what I consider a top tier online casino. Having dealt with many online casinos during my history of online casino gaming over the past 8 years I've found Slots Oasis to really excel as an online casino brand offering easy means of depositing into the casino using credit cards and other banking options made readily available by this... Read More »
Slots Oasis a fun and exciting online casino!
Rating: by: sadie777, on November 26, 2008
Pros: Amazin bonus, great quality website and online casino lobby!
Cons: Runs off RTG software which certainly isn't the best software
Today I had the chance to give one of the newer and few of the casinos left who accept U.S. players a chance. Slots Oasis online casino is by the same group that manages Rushmore Casino & Cherry Red Casino so you can be assured that the quality and gaming experience you get at either of these transcends over to this new casino brand. The thing... Read More »
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