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Tai Sai or Dai Siu are two other names for the game Sic Bo. The name of the game will depend on where you are playing it. In Asia you will find all three names used depending on the country you are in. The English translation for these words mean big and small or hi-lo. It is a very popular game in Asia, but until recently it was not considered to be that big of a deal. It has been supposed that the game craps which is played with two dice rather than the three of Sic Bo is the European version of the game. North America didn't see Sic Bo until the 1900's, and it was fairly late in that period. Those from China that decided to immigrate to the US brought the game with them. In several of the North American Casinos you are able to play this game.

As we mentioned already, Sic Bo has three dice that you either place in a basket or cup to shake them up before the roll. If you have ever played Yatzee it is a kin to that idea for rolling the dice. Usually in a casino they are shaken mechanically. Online the computer simulates the roll. The table for land casinos generally lights up as the dice are displayed, offering a bit of fun to the game.

There are several colors on the table in Sic Bo to show the bet or bets that you can make. You must decide on what the outcome of the three dice will be according to the rules of the game. It may not be a high pay game, but it does offer you are lot of entertainment. It is also a slower moving game in which you take the time to take among friends and enjoy the day.

You can place several types of bets such as the single number bet. This is when you state one die will have a specific number between 1 and 6 come up. There are bets in which you bet on all three dice and their outcome. In this bet you could say the total of the three dice will be above 11 through 17. You could also state that all three dice will roll out the same number such as three 4's. The big and small bet are the most handy for winning despite the even money odds. The house advantage differs for the dice bets. For a triple, which is when you guess the outcome of all three dice, the house advantage is very high against your winning.

Sic Bo is a game of chance. This means you will not find a strategy that will offer you the win every time. Most strategies tell you to stick with the better odds of the big and small bet so that you win more often.

Sic Bo Lessons
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