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Royal Vegas internet casino up there with the best of them.

Rating: by: charlesl, on September 09, 2009
Pros: A leading Microgaming casino with top bonuses and offerings.
Cons: Not sure haven't spotted any as of yet and I've been playing with them for a while.

Royal Vegas casino is definitely one of my favorites I've been playing with Royal Vegas casino for some time now and have really enjoyed my time with them since I started playing online. Literally one of the first online casinos I ever played at was Royal Vegas. I received a CD in the mail from them I'm not quite sure how they got a hold of my mailing address but they obviously knew that I was a gambler and managed to get on into my hands.

Ever since I started playing with Royal Vegas Casino I've never had any real issues with them. I mean the odd time I'd wonder about a charge on my credit card statement but was always pointed in the right direction and things were ultimately cleared relatively quickly.

When I first started with them they were on an older version of the Microgaming software which wasn't as good as the Viper software that they're running off to this date. The older software had a decent amount of games but the games ran rather slow I think that this may have been part of the reason as to why the new software is called the Viper software it's blazing fast both to get installed on your computer and up and running but also while you're playing the games. The other great things bout their new software is that they've been adding new games to their library of existing games regularly and have now recently exceeded 400 games from which to choose from and play. Another nice thing I like about them is that they make it relatively easy to navigate though their vast library of over 400 games. Sure they certainly could make it easier but all in all is a very good software package and offering.

The bonuses along with first time sign-up offers have always been attractive at the casino as are their bonuses for existing players and those such as myself who've stayed loyal to their casino for some time now.

I do recommend Royal Vegas casino for anyone looking for quality games, good customer support and some of the best online casino bonuses found on the net.


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