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Replenishing Free Money at Online Casinos

By: Fabian Rictor, Wednesday March 3rd 2010
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Most players who are new to online gaming start wagering with free money. This is the right way because it enables the newbies to understand the casino games and rules and also gives them practice in managing bankrolls.

In most download casinos the procedure for opening and operating a free play account is similar. At the time of registering the players have to indicate that they want to wager with free money. They are given a free money account with an initial balance that varies from casino to casino. This account then functions similarly to a real money account for wagering purposes, except that this is play money and cannot be withdrawn. When the players place a wager the balance gets appropriately reduced and when the players win a bet the balance gets appropriately increased. When the players switch from one game to another the last balance is carried forward. When the players exit the casino their account is maintained so that when they log in next time they can play with the existing balance of free money.

It is important to point out that players who are getting started at online casinos and wagering with free money should function as if they are operating with their own funds. They should learn to exercise the same discipline that is required with real money wagering. During the course of wagering it may so happen that the free money balance provided gets depleted. A time may come when the free money balance is not adequate to cover the bet being placed. Then the player will need to replenish the free money account.

The procedure described below for doing this is based on Microgaming online casinos. But other software providers have similar procedures in place. When the player’s balance is not adequate to cover the placed wager the software displays a text message that says "You have too few credits. Do you want to purchase more credits?" If the player does not want to purchase more credits he has to return to the game and exit from it. If the player wants to purchase more credits he is directed to the practice of money transaction of the banking section. There he can select the amount of free money that he desires. Microgaming allows the player to select from given amounts ranging from 40 credits to 1000 credits. The player can alternatively enter any other desired amount in the cell marked "Other". After the player makes his choice he is required to click the "Deposit Now" button. The dates and details of the transaction will be displayed and the player will be taken back to the game, which will show the replenished balance. It is advisable that players do not load their free money account with too large a sum. They should choose an amount that would correspond to the kind of deposit they would make had they been wagering with real money. This way they will learn to exercise the discipline required in managing bankrolls.

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Comment by: blackmagic On: April 02, 2010
Agreed that the auto top up method of getting free play credits is better. Going to the cashier to deposit free credits which is what some of the providers do IMHO is kind of stupid and doesn't really make much sense.
Comment by: Blinky Roast On: March 15, 2010
Free money play gets so boring so fast I don't know how you guys can do it for all that long lol...
Comment by: Andy B. On: March 09, 2010
It's really easy either way I have to agree. I've tried pretty much off of them and exhausted my free credits to find that it's really straight forward to add new credits to your account no matter what.
Comment by: budahbless On: March 08, 2010
Even the systems that require that you top up your credits by making a deposit using a system so you can add free money to your account aren't the difficult to use or a pain for that matter. Playtech's system does work the same in fact as Microgaming's casinoafandit. But you can deposit up to a large amount more then you'd ever need or want to really bother with playing with in free mode to begin with.
Comment by: Kenny Curron On: March 06, 2010
Agreed systems that do it automatically are better then those that require a manual re-crediting of chips to be able to continue to playing in free mode. Playing in free mode should be extremely easy and hassle free. In fact they should just put an unlimited amount of chips in there but then I suppose you wouldn't be able to track your progress on wins during your gaming sessions in free mode.
Comment by: casinofandit On: March 05, 2010
I think that most of them other then Microgaming's work in that way though where you get topped up after your free play money goes below a certain point. I think that maybe possibly also Playtech's free play mode works like this as well but I can't really remember for certain.
Comment by: Winterton On: March 04, 2010
I don't like the idea of having to go in and replenish / top-up free play money. This should always be an automated process if you ask me.

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