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Redeeming Online Casino Bonuses

By: Rick Balding, Wednesday September 10th 2008
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Redeeming bonuses offered by online casinos can be a tricky affair. There are so many conditions and so much fine print involved that one often wonders whether the whole exercise is worth it.

In the first place online casino players must appreciate that there are valid reasons for the conditions imposed on the redemption of bonuses. Online casino bonuses are not free lunches. Their objective is to make sure that the players use the bonuses to wager and not simply cash them. Also unfortunately there are players who abuse the bonus conditions and therefore online casinos have to protect themselves from this abuse.

Most online casinos have a condition that only one member of a household can open an account with the casino and can open only one account. One of the reasons for this is that some bonuses, like sign up bonuses, are to be availed only once by a player. Therefore players must ensure that the e-mail address, residential address, credit card number or any other detail that they furnish must not have been given by any friend or family member. Online casinos can easily check their databases for duplicate information. Detection of such abuse can lead to eviction from the site and to the player's account being frozen.

Online casinos often ask players to submit a given bonus code before they even make a deposit. If this is not done then redeeming the bonus may not be possible. Players must be careful not to give online casinos this opportunity to nullify the bonus. If players forget to enter the bonus code then at least they should inform customer support of their mistake before they claim the bonus. Many online casinos will rectify this mistake.

The most important condition the must be met before the bonus can be redeemed is the wagering requirement. Even after the bonus has been credited to the player's account it cannot be withdrawn till the wagering requirements are met. Attempting to withdraw the bonus before meeting wagering requirements, even by mistake, is considered serious bonus abuse. This can lead to cancellation of the bonus and of the winnings from the bonus and in the extreme it can lead to eviction from the online casino. Therefore it is prudent to check with customer support whether the wagering requirement has been met or not before requesting a withdrawal.

In conclusion, players must realize that the majority of the disputes between players and online casinos are over bonuses. Therefore the time spent in reading and understanding the bonus terms and conditions is worth it.

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Comment by: nychopper On: April 19, 2010
The easier and more convenient that online casinos make these sorts of things for us players inevitably it's going to be just that much better for the impression we have of the gaming experience we have at the casino undoubtedly.
Comment by: Karl Benton On: March 26, 2010
Bonuses that don't require that I do anything are the ones that I want to take advantage of. As soon as there is action that's required by me even if it's a matter of entering in a bonus code or something is kind of a pain in the butt and something that I like to avoid if possible. Problem is that sometimes you just don't really know how some of these systems work until you actually try to deposit and see how their bonus systems work.
Comment by: Leslie R. On: March 09, 2010
For me personally I've found that it's gotten easier and easier to redeem credits at online casinos over the years. Now casinos realize that it's important to try to get players their bonuses as quickly as possible and with as little effort as possible as well.
Comment by: T. Bugatto On: February 24, 2010
I don't mind the process personally of redeeming online casino bonuses. It's rather straight forward and more then that though when you can deal in bonus codes you have a chance to pick the bonus you want to take advantage of in most cases.
Comment by: raytheon On: January 29, 2010
The process of redeeming online casino bonuses has become very simple. I know that a lot of people don't really like having to make use of the bonus code but the reason that online casinos do this is because not all players really care to take advantage of the bonuses that are offered as they would prefer to play without the rules and regulations that surround their deposits and cashing out due to wagering requirements.
Comment by: Blinky Roast On: January 20, 2010
Bonuses that redeem automatically are definitely the way to go. I think that when you as a player have to make an effort to take advantage of something that someone is offering for free it should be a such that it's not convoluted or difficult to do but rather simple to take advantage of all together.
Comment by: Eric Millier On: December 29, 2009
Bonuses at online casinos are best when served up automatically. If you ever have to use a bonus code it's sometime not the most reliable as a means of collecting your bonus I think that automated bonuses are far more reliable actually.
Comment by: meusplayer On: December 18, 2009
Agreed anything but automatic redemption of bonuses is so old and should be done away with all bonuses should really be credited to your casino account automatically!
Comment by: Ponto Rio On: November 17, 2009
Automatic bonus redemption is the only way to go. Code based systems in my opinion are a thing of the past and can totally and fully be 100% done without.
Comment by: Hero On: September 23, 2009
I think it's a silly rule that online casinos have that you can only hold one online casino account per household. If I want one for example and my wife wants one we should really be able to do that without there being any problems!
Comment by: Danny Spicer On: July 04, 2009
Agreed! If you're going to make a deposit on the premise that you're deposit is going to be matched dollar for dollar up to a certain amount as in 100% match bonus up to (x) you should get this "free bonus money" immediately after you make your deposit and not have to be responsible for entering bonus codes. I'm actually not a huge fan of how RTG online casinos do this even though most of my gaming these days is between them and Vegas Technology casinos who are a bit better.
Comment by: Paul K. On: July 02, 2009
100% I would have to say that I'm with you on this one. Automating this process is definitely key and I think that online casinos that support automated bonus redemption by means of automatically crediting your account with a bonus amount after a deposit goes though are far better of then those that require manual bonus code inputting.
Comment by: bentobox On: July 01, 2009
I'm largely in favor of online casinos that offer bonuses that are credited automatically to my account. I really don't like the approach of requiring that I have to enter in a bonus code when trying to take advantage of a bonus. If I deposit and meet the requirements to get the bonus I should get it without the hassles. Anyways it seems like more and more online casinos are doing away with the old "bonus code" type systems and dealing more with the automated bonuses. I do see that RTG casinos are still big supporters of the bonus code type system though.

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