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Keeping it simple like RTG for online casinos is best!

Rating: by: playbyrules, on December 11, 2009
Pros: Games that offer free spins and progressive aspect, nice casinos overall
Cons: No online casino slots tournaments.

Often time as far was what I see when it comes to online casinos is that what the software providers that make the software that powers these online casinos will do is that they'll simply get lost in feature overload without focusing on the more important things such as the bare essentials but done in a way where the casino software is still top notch. I think that RTG (Realtime Gaming) does one of the best jobs in terms of developing online casino software that's easy for players to learn and understand but also has features that make sense. Having a casino platform that's overly feature rich is almost a waste in that you really don't make use of some of these things. Although there are nice to have features such as toggling between coins and credits within slots games but all in all I don't think that's it completely necessary. I think that designers of software should always take the different player ranges into consideration when they design online casino software. I mean I've played Microgaming online casinos back in the day when they were still accepting US players and they're great but man feature overload galore...

I think that for me one of the things that I like the most about their online casino software that they offer is that almost all of their games as far as the ones I've played at least feature a free spins bonus round (slots that is) and a progressive component. These are two aspects of the games that they offer that I tend to really enjoy in their games and is something that most other online casino software packages don't offer.

The one thing that I'm not too keen on with their software is the fact that they don't offer real tournaments. They offer some crappy blackjack tournaments at some of their casinos but no slots tournaments as of yet which kind of sucks really.


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