Realtime Gaming Sic Bo Details Page

    Realtime Gaming Sic Bo Details Page

Software (8)

The Real Time Gaming software makes it easy to place bets. The sound options can be customized. However some options like dealer’s voices, statistics, and Auto Play are not provided in the software.

Easy to Understand (9)

Sic Bo is a simple game. New players can refer to the Help section, which provides all the required information.

Graphics & Sounds (7)

The sharpness of the graphics and the text enable easy reading. The sound and animation options are below par. For example dealer’s voice announcing the outcome of the rolls is missing. The dice animation is also not very interesting. The dice are not rolled but are shaken in a closed container whose top is lifted to reveal the outcome. The shaking process also is experienced only in audio.

Game Speed (7)

The game has to be played at the given speed only. Though most players would not be troubled by this the serious wagerers would definitely find this a drawback. Such players are not interested in animation and frills. They want to pack in as many wagers as possible.

Game Features (9)

All the bets available in land casino based Sic Bo games have been offered in Real Time Gaming Sic Bo. Players can choose between bets that pay pout frequently but in small amounts or bets with large payouts that win only rarely. Another disadvantage with the bets having large payouts is that they have larger house edges. Features like creating consolidated chips and highlighting the winning bets are useful.

Fun Factor (7)

Since Sic Bo is an Asian game it arouses curiosity and is initially a lot of fun. But soon the boredom sets in because the player does nothing except to place the wagers. In Real Time Gaming Sic Bo the fun factor is negated by the lower payouts of some bets.

7.84 / 10
Software 8
Easy to Understand 9
Graphics & Sounds 7
Game Speed 7
Game Features 9
Fun Factor 7

Realtime Gaming Sic Bo Highlights
  • Comprehensive Help section
  • Provision to create a composite wager
  • Large and clear betting area

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