Santa Strikes Back Review
Score: 9.58 / 10

Santa Strikes Back Review

Santa Strikes back is a sequel to Rudolph’s Revenge. In Rudolph's Revenge Rudolph harasses Santa for overworking him. In this slot game it is Santa who gets the better of Rudolph at least in the symbols on the reels. Santa with Sword is the wild symbol and Santa and Rudolph is the scatter symbol. The other symbols are a tied up Rudolph, Santa reading how to strike back at Rudolph, an Elf performing voodoo on a Rudolph puppet, Elf in an ice block, a package with a green liquid sent to Rudolph and high value card symbols gift wrapped for Christmas.

The wild and scatter symbols are animated. The animations are accompanied by audio. In the wild symbol Santa brandishes his sword with a swishing sound and to the accompaniment of some rousing music. In the scatter symbol Santa and Rudolph engage in a brawl behind a dust of cloud in comic book style with screams and shouts. In the end Santa or Rudolph emerge victorious with a diabolic laugh. In the bound Rudolph symbol Rudolph struggles to get free. There is no background music in normal spins but cheerful festive music in the free spin features. Rudolph’s Revenge feature is played to the tune of Jingle Bells. Read Full Review

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What's Hot
  • Excellent theme and animations
  • The Rudolph’s Revenge feature
  • The Santa Strikes Back feature
  • Slot offers a progressive jackpot
Not Too Hot
  • No flexibility in choosing number of paylines and coins
  • No background music in normal spins

Full Review - Santa Strikes Back (9.58)

Santa Strikes back is played with all 25 paylines enabled and with a fixed bet of one coin per payline. Players can only manipulate the coin size. Fortunately the coin size varies from 0.01 to 5.00 with 15 stops and this gives players reasonable flexibility.

If Santa is victorious in the fight in the scatter symbol then the scatter symbol becomes Victorious Santa and if Rudolph is victorious then the scatter symbol becomes Victorious Rudolph. Two or more Victorious Santa symbols result in scatter payouts. Three or more Victorious Santa symbols trigger the Santa Strikes Back feature. Initially seven free spins are awarded with a multiplier of 1X. In the free spins certain symbols feature a candy cane in the background. When a symbol with a cane appears in a reel it lights up a star above the reel. Once a star is lit it remains lit till all five stars are lit or the free spins are over. If all five stars are lit during the course of the free spins then the free spins are reset to 7 and the multiplier is increased by 1. This process can be repeated 19 times.

Three or more Victorious Rudolph symbols result in scatter payouts. Three or more Victorious Rudolph symbols trigger the Rudolph’s Revenge feature. Seven free spins are awarded at a base multiplier of 2X. For a given free spin the multiplier increases by the number of Santa symbols that appear on the reels. In this feature Rudolph wins all the battles and the feature is retriggered if three scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels.

Santa Strikes Back has a progressive jackpot that pays out when five Santa with Sword symbols appear in a payline.

Santa Strikes Back Game Information
Software Realtime Gaming
Reels 5
Paylines 25
Coin Size Min. 0.01
Coin Size Max. 5.00
Max Coins 125.00
Jackpot Prog.
2nd Jackpot 2000
Speed of Game Adjustable
Autoplay Yes

9.58 / 10
Overall Score 9.58
Software 9
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 10
Theme and Concept 10
Game Features 9
Betting Options 9
Jackpots 10

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