Naughty or Nice Player Reviews
Naughty or Nice good online casino slot but more for men.

Rating: by: marieolson, on December 06, 2009
Pros: Fun game with great bonus features, graphics and progressive aspect.
Cons: The game more caters to met IMO then women out there.

In general when it comes to online casino slots games I like to play at Realtime Gaming online casinos as they're for the most part the most inviting when it comes to being a US citizen and resident and being able to play at their online casinos.

I'm really and truly fond of their online casino games and as a woman I find that most of the games that they offer are well balanced both can be of appeal to the make and female players out there. The Naughty or Nice video slit game offered and just released by Realtime Gaming is a Christmas themed online casino video slot game and in particular this game I find is one that is more swayed towards the males then the females. The bonus round, wild symbols and other aspects of the game incorporate sexy cartoon women into the look and feel of the game. I don't think that there's anything necessarily wrong with that but it would be good to see games like this from time to time that are more geared towards women. It would be superb if they could have and develop a version of the game that would be more geared towards the females out there and perhaps be as simple as allowing players to choose what gender they are before entering the game thus allowing for different more appropriate creative elements to be used within the game.

Overall the game is great I really love the additional spins that are awarded during the free spin bonus round in this game and additionally allowing for symbols to be held is a great feature that I don't think I've seen in too many or any of the Realtime Gaming video slots games out there.

If you're interested in playing a good Christmas themed game that has a sexy element to it then I think that you might like and enjoy playing this one.


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Comment by: Kenneth Olken On: December 10, 2009
Two fantastic looking games and they both play really well... I quite like the fact that there's sexy women in this game makes it more interesting, lol...

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