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Enchanted Garden Quick Facts
Software Realtime Gaming
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Coin Size Min. 0.01
Coin Size Max. 5
Max Coins 20
Jackpot 5000
2nd Jackpot 2500
Speed of Game Medium
Autoplay Yes

Game Rules
After every five levels in Enchanted Garden, you will be given the chance to upgrade the garden you are currently playing in. You can add a number of decorative touches such as shrubs and benches, and even colorful flower beds. While we would be the first to admit that there aren't really that many garden upgrade options available, the few that are offered can really do wonders in transforming your relatively bare and barren gardens into truly colorful creations. Keep paying the game long enough and you will eventually be rewarded by quite a breathtaking garden spectacle of your own creation. And with different tile sets for each of the five gardens in the game, you have a fair number of decorative options available to you.

Enchanted Gardens also has an appealing trophy system that is quite a bit more rewarding than those offered by other games. While many trophy systems hand out fairly predictable prizes by merely completing game levels, Enchanted Garden offers achievements reminiscent of the Xbox 360 gaming platform for unpredictable actions like making a 9 symbol combination, growing grass in 1,000 tiles, clearing out 60,000 squares and more.

For an even more challenging gaming experience, Enchanted Garden also offers a puzzle mode that adds 100 more levels. These additional levels do up the challenge factor considerably. In this section, your goal is to rotate the tiles to form different patterns and shapes, in a manner reminiscent of the puzzle modes of games such as Lumines.

If all this seems like too much challenge for you, you will want to check out the final "Relax" mode, which as the name implies takes the action down to a more manageable level. Here you can explore the different levels to your heart's content without having to worry about pesky gnomes, ineffective power ups or time limits. All in all, Enchanted Garden offers well over 200 levels, making it a game that offers plenty of entertaining opportunities.

As if all that weren't enough, Enchanted Garden also offers a free spins feature. This section will be triggered by the appearance of the Fairy Princess on reel 5 along with the appearance of the Garden scatter on reel 1. This will get you 7 free spins, which comes with an additional Fireflies feature. Get 3 or more of these fireflies on the reels and you can be rewarded with a further 3 free spins. What's more, these free spins will multiply all of your winnings by 3.

Hot Features of this Game
  • More than 200 levels offered
  • Numerous "achievements" can be unlocked
  • Five different gardens with their own themes and tiles

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