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Rating: by: jerrybrown, on January 07, 2010
Pros: Well themed game with wicked bonus features.
Cons: Not sure I can think of any right now...

I really like anything to do with genie's as I think the idea and concept behind them and primarily the wealth element associated with having wishes granted to play well into the theme and concept for casino games in general not just online but offline as well. As a big fan of online casinos and gambling online I'm always hunting for good games to play and Aladdin's Wishes which is a Realtime Gaming online casino video slot game is a great game to play. The fact that it has a 10,000 coin jackpot (with the wild substitute) is pretty great and overall the spread of other prizes throughout the game are pretty nice as well.

For the bonus round for this game you'll get 5 genie lamps that you'll get to choose from and pick. The fact that you can win up to 25 free spins in a regular pick x of y type bonus to me is a great concept and the fact that they use magic lamps is really cool. Another great thing is that if you hit the free spins feature in this bonus round all prizes that you win while in the free spins will be doubled.

I'm currently mostly playing Realtime casino games at Rushmore Casino and Aladdin's Gold casino but both are really good online casino and this game is exceptional and a really fun game to play overall. I highly suggest that you check it out if you get a chance.


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Comment by: Joshua On: January 16, 2010
I just wanted to post this so people would be aware of this casino. I have spent a great deal of money here and never won anything. I have played enough to notice that on the slots you get the same losing combination several times and they will tell you that it is random. It's pretty easy to just tell the customers that it's random. I mean I could start my own casino and say oh yeah it's random outcome knowing they are cheating you out of your money the whole time. Anyway I hope at least some people see this post so they don't waste their money.

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