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Pros And Cons Of Online Casino Message Boards

By: Fabian Rictor, Monday April 27th 2009
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Many online casinos portals provide casino boards. So do almost all sites that provide information on online casinos. These online casino boards enable players to enter their personal experiences or ask questions to other players. Over time the casino boards become a storehouse of information.

The biggest advantage of online casino boards is that the writers are players themselves and hence this leads to the expectation that the opinions expressed are unbiased. Consider for example the testimonials put out by online casinos. All testimonials will be in praise of the casino. No testimonial goes against the casino. Hence players cannot really set much value to these testimonials. However the messages in online casino boards are not vetted by the casino and are therefore more representative of what players really feel.

However, though this is generally so it need not always be true. The stuff written against the online casinos is obviously written by disgruntled players. In many cases the grievances of such players may be genuine and these players may honestly want to warn other players about rogue casinos. But online casino boards are also frequented by players who are on the wrong side. Usually they are bonus abusers who have been caught and penalized by online casinos. Such people take to writing malicious posts about the casinos stating how the casinos defrauded them.

Hence it would appear that the usefulness of online casino boards is suspect. If a player cannot take what is written at face value then how can he take decisions based on what is written? The answer lies in being a discerning reader and not a casual reader. With a little practice it is easy to tell a bogus grievance from a real one. Posts about real grievances are more factual in nature. They give details in a transparent manner. They are rarely malicious in tone. On the other hand posts from disgruntled bonus abusers would cloud factual issues with language that is malicious. The discerning reader can tell that all the information has not been provided and the writer is trying to hide something.

Another way to sift genuine posts from bogus ones is to cross check information. Players can post comments asking for clarifications and more information. Genuine posters would respond positively. Players can request opinions from other players about a post they feel is shaky. They can even take the discussion to another online casino board. Players must realize that online casino boards are two way traffic. Hence if they feel that they have something to say then they must. For example if a post criticizes an online casino, but their experience at that casino has been good then they should go ahead and state it. Over time players can recognize who are the genuine posters and who are bogus ones. They can then ignore the bogus ones.

Online casino message boards are an important and useful tool in the players' hands and it is up to the players to ensure that they are not misused.

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Comment by: Kinton Karling On: February 01, 2010
I agree that they can be misleading at times but I think that opinions of the vast majority of people should outweigh that of the few that are just there to bicker and complain about things. I beleive that they are of value and there are most positive attributes of online casino message boards and forums then there are negative ones.
Comment by: Alice B On: December 10, 2009
Message boards can certainly be misleading but I think that there's a lot of value in getting feedback from real players as I personally feel that this sort of feedback and information is far more objective then that of what the casino sites will generally state about the casinos that they represent.
Comment by: meusplayer On: October 27, 2009
I don't really trust message boards for real advice although I do use them to offer my own advice. People have to realize that message boards are a good source for providing opinions but if you're looking for facts I think it's better to look for them at reputable sources for casino and gaming related information.
Comment by: sadie777 On: September 28, 2009
For general advice and information I think that message boards are OK but in general when it comes to picking up information about online casinos I find that there are a lot of disgruntled people who post on message boards who are really just angry at the fact that they're not winning while playing online. So use them with a grain of salt.
Comment by: Karon Spence On: September 07, 2009
For most things that involve a certain level of importance when it comes to playing at online casinos I rarely rely on message boards but will rather do my own research to try and form my own opinion. I find that if you let yourself be influenced all the time by what you read on boards that you may not be getting all the facts.
Comment by: T. Bugatto On: July 18, 2009
Usually I'm pretty weary about what I read on these message boards as there's typically a lot of BS that's posted by people that just aren't happy, people that can't cope with the loss of money, etc...
Comment by: Elizabeth On: July 12, 2009
I read though message boards like Winner Online's message board and Casino Meister's board and the most common thing I find is that players for the most time just bitch and complain. The reality is that not one online casino is perfect and there will be players that have bad experiences from time to time. It's best just to ignore a lot of what's said on these boards and take the input of players very lightly. In a case where you find that there are multiple people complaining about the same thing well in that case there might actually be a problem.
Comment by: Jerry Martin On: May 01, 2009
Just like anything else in this industry everything should be taken with a grain of salt. There's no doubt that these message boards help create bonds between people online who have never met and thus allows for the honest (most of the time) sharing of information but it does also bring around with it a hazardous element as well. This site involves individuals who have nothing better to do with their time but to complain and argue just for the sake of their own perverted pleasures... Anyways I do think that there is value in message boards in general though!
Comment by: Steve Brando On: April 28, 2009
I find that most of the online message boards regardless of whether they be for the online casino gaming industry or other industries are quite honestly a waste of time and don't add very much value. Some however like Casino Meister and Casino Advisor's message board provide a vast repository of information that can be helpful in deducing where to play and where not to play along with raising issues about online casinos.

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