Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong

Title: Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong

Review Author: Adam Baker
Added: Monday November 24th 2008

Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong is an extensive collection of card counting advice for advanced players, as the author focuses on counting cards with a brief introduction to the game of blackjack, definition of common terms and its basic strategy.

Wong clearly explains the High - Low counting system, the most popular system used by card counters. He also focuses on the Halves system, a level-3 system that uses a variety of values to better reflect the actual mathematical impact of cards of varying values. If one is interested in the three level system, this is definitely the guide you're looking for.

Professional Blackjack includes multiple tables, which give strategy index numbers for a variety of rules in addition to results of simulations for a variety of rules, which allows you to learn the worth of one rule in comparison to others.

This book, however, isn't a recent publication and playing conditions have changed as casinos specifically look for the skilled blackjack players and are much more wary about the options and promotions they offer.

I recommend this book to an experienced player with a mathematical interest in the game.

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