Probability for Dummies by Deborah Rumsey

Title: Probability for Dummies by Deborah Rumsey

Review Author: Joan Peppin
Added: Thursday January 15th 2009

Every professional player predicts his/hers probability of a win/loss situation prior to playing the game, they strategically position themselves to walk out a winner knowing which games offer them the best odds. Therefore, before you enter the casino it is important to know exactly what odds are. Odds refer to mathematics by representing basic probability of a prospective outcome and are usually expressed in a decimal or fractional format. I always think of a coin toss as an example when I flip a coin, I know that there are two possible outcomes heads or tails, fifty percent chance.

Probability for Dummies clearly and plainly explains probability through examples, mathematical explanations, counting, and random variables applied in gambling situations. The book is a beginners guide less equivalent than a high school finite math class, equipped with examples to guide you along the way.

This book lacks in covering text on applications, I would have liked to see how the examples apply in a real gaming situations. The book also tends to be quite repetitive, if you're like me and just want to learn quickly without getting slightly bored it might not be the right choice for you.

If you know absolutely nothing about probabilities, this book will be helpful, however, if you have an idea and basic understanding of probabilities, I recommend trying another book which will teach you more and get you further in the game. I would recommend picking up a finite book.

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