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Prescriptions for Newbie Online Casino Players

By: Joe Valentino, Thursday October 8th 2009
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Newbie players are players who are completely new to online gaming. They have probably heard about the concept from friends or have come to know about it while surfing the Internet, but have never played online games before. Such players should not rush headlong into the real money wagering but should ease themselves into the online gaming environment taking one step at a time. The first issue is of selecting an appropriate online casino and this has been dealt with in several other articles at CasinoAdvisor. The player should then engage in playing for fun till he becomes completely comfortable with the playing environment and the games.

The best experience is hands on experience and the first thing that the newbie player should do after he accesses any online casino game is try out all the buttons and understand the functions they perform. There are two types of buttons. One type performs functions that are incidental to the gaming and the other type performs the actual gaming functions. Buttons of the first type would be the Options button or Help button. For example in the Options button the newbie player should enable or disable each of the options available one at a time and play the games. He should try to focus on the affect of making the change on the gaming experience. He should play the games with the sound options enabled and also later with the sound options disabled and see which works better for him.

The buttons that operates the games are more important and, unlike the earlier type of buttons, they vary from game to game. In slots the newbie player should figure out how to vary the number of coins, the coin size and the number of paylines and how toggling these buttons affects the amount wagered. He should understand how the Bet Max button functions and the judge whether it suits his style of play. In games like blackjack certain buttons come into play only in certain situations and the newbie player must know what these situations are. Becoming familiar with the buttons is a time consuming trial and error process. Reading the rules provided in the game does help but it is not a substitute for actual trials on the screen.

In some online slot games wagering with larger amounts makes it more likely to trigger bonus rounds and win larger payouts. Since the newbie player is wagering with play money he should not hesitate to try wagering with larger amounts and seeing if it benefits him. This will help him in setting a proper budget when he starts wagering with real money. He will realize that in certain games it is better to have larger wagers, even if it means having fewer wagers.

The next issue that newbie players should be concerned with is strategy. Online casino games like slots and roulette do not have any strategy issues. However games like blackjack and video poker are very much strategy oriented games. Optimal strategies for these games are available in very many forums on the Internet, including CasinoAdvisor. The strategies have been tabulated or are available in simple bulleted points. Online casino gaming have an advantage that players can keep these strategies in front of them while wagering. Newbie players are advised to refer to these strategies as and when required in order to ensure that their game play is optimal. In games like blackjack and video poker optimal game play can make a tremendous difference to the average payouts.

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Comment by: Bennet Jones On: December 17, 2009
Playing at online casinos has become very simple unless you're from the United States or another country that makes it difficult. I think that the key things to know are whether the casino is going to operate well in the area where you're located. I know that Casino Advisor seems to be more centered around providing information to players from the United States but certainly there are other portals out there that can provide some incite into benefits of where you should play.
Comment by: Lilly Benson On: November 16, 2009
One thing that should really be emphasized to newbies is the fact that when playing at online casinos that they should really focus on trying to first understand the games. Even before that though there is one other thing that they should do which is to read though the terms and conditions at online casinos in addition to the end user agreement that are outlined by online casinos by doing so there will be less of chance for any mix ups later on.
Comment by: Andrew K. On: October 11, 2009
Good article for newbies that they should read. In fact I find that this site offers quite a lot of great information for the newbie player to read though and make use of.
Comment by: budahbless On: October 09, 2009
I agree with you Perl... I do agree with what's being said in this article though about knowing the user interface. There'll always be somewhat of a learning curve but online casino software is designed to be simple and easy to use by players and it's not difficult at all. If you can use a web browser or any other thing on your computer then you can play at an online casino!
Comment by: Perl N. On: October 08, 2009
Understanding the user interface of online casinos is key to a great gaming expereince as a newbie. However I think that equally as important is ensuring that you can make deposit as a new player at an online casino. There's nothing more discouraging IMHO as a new player to download, install, create a real money account and try to deposit only to find out that you can't play because the online casino is having issues accepting your credit card. Anyways choosing well and choosing online casinos that can accept credit cards is a good way to ensure you have a great gaming expereince as well.

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