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Some of the best online casino slots at Playtech online casinos!
Rating: by: evalindenns, on October 19, 2010
Pros: Solid online casino software company.
Cons: Unfortunately they don't accept players from the USA
Playtech has really stepped it up over the past several years expanding their product line but still putting a lot of focus and emphasis on what got them to where they are to this day their online casino games and product. The newest edition of Playtech's software is really good and their new slots games are really first rate if you ask me. I'm... Read More »
Playtech online casino software great but no US players allowed!
Rating: by: sidneyblk1, on April 11, 2010
Pros: Some of the most amazing online casino games I've played.
Cons: Can't play for real money as they don't accept US players!
I was pretty frustrated to learn that Playtech online casino software doesn't allow players from the United States to play at casinos that are powered by their software. Hands down they have some of the best online casino software out there and more importantly games. The games they offer at their casino especially what would appear to be a newer... Read More »
I've become a big fan of Playtech casino gambling sites recently.
Rating: by: alvin888, on March 23, 2010
Pros: Amazing software provider.
Cons: No slots tournament action!
Playtech online casino software has evolved so much between when they first started their company and now that I really have to say that it's quite impressive what they've managed to achieve in the short 8 or so years that they've been in business as an online casino software provider. I like to play online quite a bit and not that I favor... Read More »
What a great online casino software platform Playtech is.
Rating: by: stanford01, on March 11, 2010
Pros: Best software provider out there IMO.
Cons: Would be nice if they had more consistant game releases (ie. monthly).
I play at many casinos most of which these days are powered by Playtech online casino software which for a while now has shown to be a rather promising online casino software platform in general. I have been playing at casinos powered by their software for many years and continue to for many reasons. The casino software first and foremost is one... Read More »
Going to be difficult to rival new Playtech casino slots games.
Rating: by: princekay, on February 14, 2010
Pros: Great new games to check out and play at Playtech online casinos
Cons: No United States players can play at Playtech online casinos
I know that there's recently been a form and message board thread that's been around discussing the what I'm about to talk about in this review of Playtech online casino software but the fact is that I think that it's justified that I add a review on Playtech's software to discuss in particular the new online casino video slots games that they've... Read More »
Playtech online casinos are my fav online casino sites!
Rating: by: dayton, on January 09, 2010
Pros: Can be considered the best software provider out there!
Cons: No tournaments to play!
When it comes to playing at online casinos it's unquestionable that there's a immense amount of options out there from which players can choose from and take advantage of playing at. Of these there are several casinos online that are all powered by the same software companies one of which is Playtech. There's tons of Playtech casinos out there for... Read More »
New path for Playtech online casino software awesome!
Rating: by: amandak, on November 26, 2009
Pros: New casino games are top notch.
Cons: Older slots games are kinda crappy!
Hey there everyone my name is Amanda. I'm an American who currently lives and works in Costa Rica for a reputable online casino gaming company. I've never really been into playing at online casinos or sportsbooks for real money until one of the casinos (Omni Casino) that I play at had a slue of new online casino games added to their selection of... Read More »
Newest Playtech online casino games are superb!
Rating: by: dilbertjones, on October 09, 2009
Pros: Marvel themed slots now available, great new games.
Cons: No tournament play yet which is weird.
Playtech really has been improving over the last year and a 1/2 or so and it's really shown though in the quality of the games that they've been releasing. They recently announced the release of 16 new games to their suite of games which is growing although perhaps not as rapidly as the Microgaming selection of games that are available but still... Read More »
Playtech casino software is vastly improved from where it used to be.
Rating: by: augustine, on September 03, 2009
Pros: Public listed company, much improved, great games with overall selection, multi-lingual
Cons: Used to have a reputation for having average slots... which has now changed!
I've been putting in some time recently going back and trying and playing at casinos that run off various software that I've tried in the past but kind of forgotten about. One of them was Playtech... I know that they're one of the biggest software providers out there but for the longest time their slots games were really average and not really all... Read More »
Playtech new online casino slots games are impressive.
Rating: by: playtechfan, on August 25, 2009
Pros: Vast improvement to their slots games. Great online casino software overall!
Cons: Older slots games kind of suck.
If you've never played at a Playtech powered online casino then now's a good time to get into some of the action and start playing at some of the reputable Playtech casinos out there. For the longest time Playtech has been known as one of the leaders in online casino software development but the one thing that was always known about their software... Read More »
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