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Playtech Online Casino 3D Roulette

By: Ryan Alders, Thursday May 13th 2010
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3D Roulette was one of the games introduced at Playtech online casinos some time back. It follows the European roulette rules and allows for call bets, or track bets as they are sometimes called. It is visually different from the normal online roulette games and has a few features that will help new players.

In most online roulette games the betting layout is spread across the screen and the wheel is towards one end. In Playtech 3D Roulette there is a 3D view of a large wheel in the center of the screen and the betting layouts are presented in a flat view above the wheel. The layout is smaller than in the normal variants described earlier but it is large enough not to pose difficulties even in the Windowed view. If players use the full screen option then there should be no difficulty what so ever.

The highlight of Playtech 3D Roulette is the "Visual" function available towards the bottom left of the screen. It allows players to configure the visual of the roulette wheel. Though this has no effect on the wagering it is innovative and interesting and will attract players initially. The function allows options like removing turret arms, removing center lines and eliminating color shading. Players can toggle with the options and stick with what they like best. The superstitious players can even work out the combination of options that is luckiest for them.

Players new to roulette are not familiar with the payouts of the different roulette bets. In the normal online roulette variants the payouts are displayed as the player moves the cursor across the betting points on the layout. This facility is available in Playtech 3D Roulette as well. However this is a cumbersome mechanism. Therefore Playtech 3D Roulette has provided a pay table that can be accessed by clicking the "Pay table" button next to the "Visual" button. A small payout table pops up. It can be left displayed while wagering for continuous reference if required, though that would marginally impair the visual of the wheel.

The most useful feature that Playtech 3D Roulette possesses is the "Breakdown" feature. When the player wins, the amount won is displayed in the "Win" cell as in most online roulette games. A visual also appears at the center of the screen displaying the amount won. If the player has placed multiple bets, then neither the win cell nor the visual gives any information about the break up of the amount such as which of the placed bets have won and how much they have individually paid out. New players will get confused at first about how the amount won has been arrived at. The visual has a button labeled "Breakdown". By clicking on this button the break up of the amount won is displayed.

Playtech 3D Roulette also has many other features commonly present in online roulette games. The bet amount and won amount are displayed. There is a "Repeat" button that allows players to repeat the same wager. The past ten numbers called are displayed along with their colors. A detailed game history is available as are the usual customization options. Certain common features are missing. There is no close up of the wheel displaying the number called. Many players like to know what percentage of the layout they have covered with their bets. This is displayed on the screen in many online roulette variants, but this feature is not present in Playtech 3D Roulette.

3D Roulette can be played at Playtech online casinos like Casino Tropez, Casino Del Rio and Omni Casino.

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Comment by: Ben Kaylington On: May 19, 2010
I checked out and played this roulette variant and really enjoyed it. It's a nice twist and the 3D graphics in this game are really something else and definitely worth of seeing.
Comment by: melonballer On: May 18, 2010
I've seen the preview for this game and it looks like a rather fun game to play. It's hard to innovate with games like Roulette and blackjack, however when they do and these companies come up with unique and interesting or just a slightly different approach to these games I think it's best.

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