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How to Use PaySafeCard at Online Casinos

Now that we know what a PaySafeCard is, we come to the next important question – how do we use it? Using this pre-paid method is quite simple. First of all, purchase the card. Once you have the card, decide how much money you want to deposit into your online casino account. Then search out the Cashier or Banking page at the casino and click the button labeled PaySafeCard on that page.

Once you are on the deposit page, scratch out the marked portion of the card to reveal a 16-digit PIN code. Next, type in this code number into the designated space on the page. Along with that, you also need to type in the amount you wish to deposit into your casino account. The deposit method is as simple as that; you do not need to provide any other additional details such as credit card information or bank details. That is why this method is so popular among online gambling enthusiasts.

You can use PaySafeCard to fund your ECash Direct account. You can track all the transactions you have made through your PaySafeCard as well, which means anytime you want to check up on a particular payment, all you need to do is access your ECash Direct account statement.

There are many benefits to using PaySafeCard. The biggest benefit is that it is a completely secure system, which means you do not have to spend sleepless nights wondering if the transaction has been tampered with. PaySafeCard has its own secure servers to ensure no malicious elements can tamper with your payments.

Apart from security, other benefits include the speed with which the entire transaction is carried out, the fact that you are saved the hassle of producing multiple documents as proof of income, personal well-being, financial health, and so on, the complete lack of fees or extra payments of any sort, and ease of use.
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  • Completely safe and secure transaction
  • No need to furnish financial/personal details
  • Instant payment

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