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Participate in Freeroll Online Casino Tournaments

By: Adam Richards, Thursday October 22nd 2009
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Almost all online casinos offer freeroll online tournaments. The main advantage of freeroll online tournaments is that they do not charge any entry fee. However this leads to a major disadvantage. Except in rare cases when the freeroll is part of some promotional event, the prize pool for the freeroll is pitifully small. This even turns away many newbie players.

Newbie players who do not participate in freeroll online tournaments are making a mistake. The target segment for freerolls is that of newbie players. The objective of holding freerolls is to give uninitiated players the opportunity to build both confidence and experience. This would enable them to participate in buy-in online tournaments that offer attractive prize pools. Without the confidence new players may hesitate to put up the entry fee required for the buy-in tournaments. And even if they do so, without the experience of online tournament play they are unlikely to win the bigger tournaments. Why pay to acquire confidence and experience when it is available for free.

When players participate in online tournaments they have only to pay the entry fee and not for the chips. The starting stack of chips is provided by the online casino. Therefore players tend to wager aggressively and some of the players manage to build up large balances on the leader board. Therefore unless players wager aggressively they have little hope of making it to the top of the leader board. Players who are used to playing with their own funds and not familiar with tournament play are afraid to wager aggressively. Whereas aggressive play cannot guarantee a place in the prize pool, conservative play throughout the tournament will almost certainly guarantee that the player will not make it to the prize pool. New players can acquire the confidence required for aggressive play through freeroll online tournaments. Once they play a dozen freerolls and actually experience that aggressive strategy is better they will feel more comfortable in employing that strategy in buy-in tournaments.

There are certain nuances of online tournaments that new players can not be aware of. The degree of aggressiveness to be adopted depends on the amount of the starting stack and the time allotted for the play. If the starting stack is large, say $500, and the time allowed is small, say 10 minutes, then nothing short of very aggressive play throughout will yield dividends. But if the player is given a starting stack of $100 and 30 minutes to play, the level of aggression required comes down a few notches. Players will need to play quite a few tournaments before they know what the required degree of aggressive play is under a certain set of circumstances. Playing freerolls enables players to acquire this knowledge without having to pay.

Another dicey decision may have to be made when the player is nearing the end of his playing time and is comfortably in the winners list but not quite at the top. Should he try to reach the top and risk falling out of the winners list altogether? Or should he forget about the top spot and consolidate his positions by adding a little bit more to his balance? No tutorial can provide answers to such questions. The answer depends on the nature of the tournament and also on factors like the time left for the tournament to close. Here again experience is the only help available and it is foolish to give up the chance of accumulating experience without requiring to pay for it.

Newbie players should not look at the monetary rewards that freeroll online tournaments offer. The rewards are in the form of experience that the tournaments offer, much like the hours logged in by pilots who have just learned to fly. There will be opportunities to cash the experience later.

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Comment by: Charles L. On: October 31, 2009
Free roll tournaments at online casinos are great they're definitely far more common then they used to be and they're also really fun as you don't have to put any money into them!
Comment by: Sharon Wallace On: October 28, 2009
Yeah participating in free roll tournaments just makes sense. If you don't want to play there after who cares at least you get to play for the first amount that's given to you in the tournament for free!
Comment by: Randy D On: October 27, 2009
It's definitely a great way to learn how to play certain games online and also a great introduction for newbie players as well. I think that more online casinos should be running regularly scheduled free roll tournaments. There's really little risk to the casino in running such tournaments.
Comment by: sadie777 On: October 23, 2009
I enjoy playing in free roll tournaments whenever they're available however how they get you is in the re-buy. Because they offer such a small starting balance you generally go though that pretty quick and in order to continue with tournaments you need to re-buy. This is how online casinos make the money needed to run the tournaments they put on.

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