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Pai Gow Poker Glossary

Banker - A person that holds the bankroll for the casino. Also the person you play against.

Co-banking - You can have a player that also works as the banker during a round. This is not always available in casinos. In other words the casino doesn't supply an employee. If you can be banker you will want to be as you have better odds.

Copies - This also means tie. The wager is given to the banker with a tie.

Dragon Hand - This is an extra hand offered to the empty chair at a table. Some casinos allow for the dragon hand to be played by a player.

Hand Behind - This is a five card hand in Pai Gow. It is placed behind the two card hand in the game.

Hand in Front - The two card hand that is in front of the five card hand.

High Card - This is the card with the most points that is in the player's hand. Usually this is the Ace in a Royal Flush for an example. Another example: if you have a pair as does the other player the one with the highest card will win. In other words, say you have a pair of deuces as does the other player. If you have an ace you win, especially if the other hand has the queen.

High Hand - See Hand Behind.

House Way - The rules state the dealer must have a way to place their hand. It is based on the cards in both hands they are playing.

Joker - This is the wild card in the deck used in Pai Gow. You can use it to compelte your hand no matter what the hand is. If the card cannot be used to help you it is considered an Ace.

Low Hand - See Hand in Front.

Wild Card - This is the joker card in the deck. It also makes the Pai Gow deck have 53 cards.

Pai Gow Poker Lessons
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