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Pachinko Slots for the Japanese Player

By: Joan Peppin, Tuesday October 20th 2009
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Pachinko is a popular Japanese game that is very similar to a pinball machine. It is also known as Pachislo. In order to play this game the player has to buy a number of small balls that are fed into the machine one at a time. The player can control the initial speed of the ball using a knob. The ball falls through the Pachinko machine and one of two outcomes result. Either the ball falls to the bottom of the machine and is lost to the player. Or the ball falls into one of the pockets inside the machine and yields a jackpot.

Pachinko Parlour

Pachinko was first introduced early in the 20th century as a children's game. Around 1930 Pachinko became popular as an adult pastime. However during World War II the game was banned. After the war Pachinko was resumed and its popularity has kept on soaring since then. Till 1980 the Pachinko machines were mechanical devices with electricity being used only to flash lights when the player hit a jackpot. After that electronic features were incorporated into the game, much in the same way that video slots have revolutionized the slot machine. Today in Japan Pachinko parlors are found in every nook and cranny. They are much like arcade dens in other parts of the world - overcrowded, noisy and garishly lit.

One of the problems that arise with land-based Pachinko machines is that gambling for cash is illegal in Japan. Therefore, usually players win additional balls when they hit a jackpot. In some Pachinko parlors players are given tokens which they are able to secretively cash at some other location. This problem is overcome in online casinos that offer Pachinko style online slot games. Some software providers that focus on the Asian online gambling market provide such games in their portfolio. Playtech is one such online gaming software provider.

The Pachinko slot game that Playtech offers is called Dolphin Paradise Pachinko. It is found in the Asian Games section. The screen shows two dolphins leaping out of the waves at the top. Below the dolphins are the reels and on the sides are children, depicted in typical Japanese Animax style, enjoying themselves. Balls are launched from the top and fall through the obstacles. If they fall to the bottom there is no payout. If the ball falls into the launcher then the player wins 4 balls and also activates the slot game. In this game, players can win up to 1500 times their original bet. There are three paylines on the reels. These are the central vertical line and the two diagonal lines. If the numbers in the top and bottom rows match in any of the paylines then the middle number is determined by a Mini Game. These Mini Games feature dolphins in a number of activities like racing with a shark, jumping through hoops and hitting balls. In the racing with the shark game, called Dolphin Race, the middle number is determined by the number of the winning dolphin. If after the Mini Game all three numbers match then the channel at the bottom of the machine opens up and catches each of the next 15 balls. Each ball offers a payout of 100 balls and therefore the total payout is 1500 balls. The game parameters are displayed on the right of the screen.

Dolphin Paradise Pachinko Game

Find more info about Pachinko here at Wikipedia!

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Comment by: Kevin Jones On: December 23, 2009
Pachinko really is a fun game and if you're in japan you have to try it. Even if you don't care about gambling, slots, etc... it's a game you should definitely try out and one I think you'll really enjoy playing while there just for the expereince even!
Comment by: Pauline On: December 02, 2009
Video pachinko games are amazing if you've never tried them and are in Japan at some point be sure to check it out as I really think that you'd love and enjoy playing it (so long as you love slots and video type machines).
Comment by: Morris On: November 12, 2009
I love Pachinko I think it's one of the most fun games. A balance between slots and pinball games what can be better, lol... I don't know whether it's something that would be a huge hit here in the North American market but none the less if you ever make a trip out to Japan be sure to check out one of these arcades I don't think you'll be disappointed and it'll make for a very fun expereince.
Comment by: sadie777 On: November 04, 2009
It really is a funny game and an interesting twist. I've seen the game before in Japan as well but never really paid all that much attention to it myself even though people over there are crazy about it. I prefer playing slots games over this games as I found that the loopholes you have to go though in order to get your payouts in these games is quite annoying.
Comment by: Karl Benton On: October 29, 2009
What a funny and different game I've never even heard about Pachinko nor did I know that Playtech online casinos offered this game within their library of games. I do suppose that the Asian gambling market all over the world is huge though so this would be a good reason as to why they've done this kind of game.
Comment by: Sara D. On: October 27, 2009
I've never even heard of this game but it does sound interesting. Combining the elements of slots games and pinball games right into one game is something different that would certainly be interesting and something that I'd likely want to check out and play myself
Comment by: Amber On: October 26, 2009
They definitely are interesting games and I do agree with you Channy some of their more advanced games certainly do compare to some of the more advanced pinball machine games out there!
Comment by: Channy On: October 25, 2009
I've played pachinko a few times. I have a Japanese friend that actually collects the damn things beleive it or not and I've found that some of the more elaborate pachinko machines are just as complex in design as some of the most advanced pinball machines with video features that I've played in the past!
Comment by: Jordan On: October 23, 2009
Agreed... I too have been there and was always fascinated by the game. People go crazy for these games and spend a lot of money playing them. All of these parlors are run by the local mafia in Japan but not to worry they're safe to play in.
Comment by: Smitty On: October 22, 2009
I've been to Japan once in the past and have to say that they're crazy for these games. I'm not sure how much they're played online as I think that Playtech is the only one that offers an online Pachinko game but still if you ever go to Japan go check out a Pahcinko parlor it's definitely worth the expereince.

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