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Online Casino Slots Bonus Rounds

By:, Wednesday October 22nd 2008
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Bonus online slots are the most popular slots games. These online slots games are characterized by wild symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers and above all bonus rounds.

Wild & Scatter Symbols

Wild and scatter symbols are specially designated symbols from those on the reels. Usually they exemplify the name of the slots game. Wild symbols operate just like wild cards do in video poker. They can substitute for all symbols in order to complete a winning combination. They usually do not substitute for scatter symbols. Scatter symbols do not complete any combination but results in special payouts when a specified number of those symbols appear on the reels. Because they need not all appear in the same payline and can be scattered across paylines they are called scatter symbols.


Multipliers multiply the payouts under specified conditions. There are two types of multipliers fixed and variable. Fixed multipliers multiply the payouts by a specified amount only. For example some slots games specify that winnings in free spins rounds will be tripled. However in many slots games the value of the multiplier is not fixed but depends on some other action or outcome. Then the multiplier is known as a variable multiplier. The value of the multiplier may depend on the number of coins wagered. If the player wagers four coins and the multiplier symbol, which is usually the wild symbol, appears in a winning payline then the multiplier is four.

In Game type Bonus Rounds

In game bonus rounds would be those whereby you hitting a certain symbol on a specific reel or a combination of sybmols on designated reels that activate a bonus round whereby you don't actually leave the reel. These games are referred to commonly as in reel bonus rounds because the bonus round takes place without having to change the scene. In the case of our example below we've take a terrific Microgaming casino game as an example. This game is called "Jonny Specter" and is themed around something similar to Ghost Busters.

Jonny Specter - Gost Busting Bonus

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In this case if you get the "Mansion" symbol that lands on the 5th reel you'll activate what they call the "Ghost Busting Bonus". This bonus round is fun and quick and allows you to tack on some extra wins.

Bonus Games

The best feature of the bonus slots is undoubtedly the bonus game, which is activated when a specified number of wild or scatter symbols appear on the reels. Basically there are two types of bonus rounds free spins bonus round and bonus round on the second screen.

Free Spins type Bonus Rounds

When the free spins bonus round is triggered the player gets the specified number of spins for which he does not have to make any wager. For the purpose of ascertaining the payout the wager is assumed to be the same as that which triggered the free spins round. Usually there are two extra features in free spins rounds, which are not necessarily present in all slots games. One is that the payouts are multiplied and the other is that if the triggering combination appears during these rounds further free spins are triggered.

Jonny Specter - Free Spins Bonus Round

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In the above we've again used Jonny Specter as the game of example here. This game also features a stacked wild as well as a multiplier adding an interesting and exciting dynamic to the game.

Regular Pick X of Y type Bonus Rounds

The bonus game on the second screen is the most exciting and innovative part of the slots game. When it is triggered the scene shifts to a different environment consistent with the slots theme. This bonus round offers opportunities for winning extra credits. The most common bonus game is picking x out of y "boxes". The credits contained in the x boxes picked are added to the player's balance. Playtech Slots offer a Dollar Ball bonus game, which is based on bingo. Rival Gaming I-Slots offer skill based bonus games. Microgaming offers a gamble game at the end of the bonus round that gives the player a chance to double his bonus winnings or lose it all.

Cashanova Bonus Round

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In the case of the above example we've used Cashanova a Microgaming casino game that offers a two tier X of Y type bonus round.

Online Casino Bonus Slots Games Worth Checking Out

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Comment by: Edna222 On: January 02, 2010
Absolutely the more innovative and interesting the bonus round and more importantly the more different it is from bonuses in games that I've already played honestly the more attracted and enjoyable the game will be to me. Long run wise games do get boring once you figure out what all the features and various aspects of the game are... I think it's best for software providers to try to continue doing up sweet bonus rounds both free spin and other kinds.
Comment by: Eric Millier On: December 12, 2009
I love some of the more innovative online casino bonus rounds that we're starting to see more and more of these days it really makes the whole experience of online casino gaming really a lot more fun having far more innovative bonus rounds.
Comment by: charlie62 On: July 08, 2009
Both of the above described games that are available at Microgaming powered online casinos are fantastic games. Actually one of the things that got me hooked on playing at Microgaming casinos in the first place was the Cashanova video slot game. A great story that accompanies this game makes it really unique in the Microgaming library although since this game they've developed far more theme based games including Jonny Specter, The Great Galaxy Grab and some others. I really love games that are well thought out and have great bonus rounds like the mentioned games.

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