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By: Joe Valentino, Friday January 15th 2010
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There is plenty happening in the online casino industry. New games are being continuously released. Even new online casinos are periodically added. Unfortunately some online casinos close down and some others default in their commitments. Regular online players need to keep abreast of the latest news so that they are not caught on the wrong foot. New online players would find it difficult to get hold of such information from direct sources. Those getting started would do well to follow some of the online casino news sites like CasinoAdvisor.

Online casinos regularly offer a variety of promotions and bonuses to their players in order to keep them attracted. These promotions are frequently changed so that they do not become monotonous. It is impossible for players to hop from one online casino to another to check out the promotions that are available. This would take too much time and cut into the time the player allots for wagering. Online casino news sites report the latest promotions offered by all the popular online casinos. These news sites daily visit the online casinos to check out if any new promotion is available. They then post the details of these promotions on their own site. Hence by scrolling through a couple of online casino news sites players can easily learn what promotions are available.

A very important function that the online casino news sites play is to report what is going wrong in the online casino industry. Players have significant amounts of funds deposited at various online casinos. In the normal circumstances these funds are secure, but circumstances may not always be normal. Online casino news sites regularly check out discussion forums and other sources to find out if any online casino is defaulting on its bonus commitments or delaying withdrawals. Those players who read online casino news quickly become aware as to which online casino is heading towards becoming a rogue and can take preventive action in time.

News is ultimately about information that is new, whether it concerns new online casino games that are being released, or new payment options or new online casinos. Online casino news sites are a one-stop shop for all such information. Actually it is not a shop because the information is available for free. Most online casino sites do not even require players to register. Anyone can access the site and browse through the news items.

CasinoAdvisor is one of the leading online casino news sites. On average CasinoAdvisor posts over 15 news items every week. It reports the news as it happens so that the players get the required information as early as possible. The news reported at CasinoAdvisor is thoroughly researched and taken from primary sources. The news can be accessed by clicking the "Casino News" tab from the top menu at the CasinoAdvisor home page. As such the news is posted in chronological order but is divided into several subcategories. Most of the news pertains to new casino games, promotions and bonuses and online tournaments. However an important section is the General Gambling News section that reports on the launching of new online casinos, awards presented to online casinos and software providers and status of progressive jackpots. The section on Gambling Law & Society News reports on the legal and regulatory situation in the different countries and gambling jurisdictions and also on issues related to problem gambling. There are sections devoted to Casino Banking News and Casino Software News as well.

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Comment by: melonballer On: February 08, 2010
Of all the online casino guides that I visit Casino Advisor is the one I come back to most often and find to be the most useful. I think that it's the most up to date and recent guide out there and more then that just very good overall.
Comment by: Eric Millier On: February 04, 2010
This site rules over and above the other online casino portals out there when it comes to news, fresh information, free casino games and community!
Comment by: Channy On: January 28, 2010
I've always been impressed with this site which is likely one of the main reasons why I come back. the free games are also very nice as are the people that are here. I haven't really met too many angry people on this site like I do when I'm visiting some of the other online casino portals out there.
Comment by: Andy B. On: January 27, 2010
Love the fact that casino advisor has and continues to do such a great job in adding new information and things to it's site here. I would really like to see some more free casino games come about though and really think that it would be not only fun for people but a good way to continue to attract new players to play the free games available here as well.
Comment by: raytheon On: January 23, 2010
I love reading the news here on the site and do actually come back at least once a week to see what's up and new in the world of online casinos and gambling. I also really love the free games that you guys offer here on CasinoAdvisor they're definitely some of the more fun games that I've played for free that are done in flash.
Comment by: Joshua On: January 21, 2010
This site here Casino Advisor that you guys have here is one of the best gambling portals that I continue to frequent for many reasons but primarily the fact that the information is fresh and maintained as are details pertaining to the latest online casino bonuses, etc... I really like the fact that there's all this great information here on your site.

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