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The Worst Company I've Ever Dealt With
Rating: by: Oli800, on June 16, 2012
Pros: None
Cons: +++ diffcult to withdraw funds, bad support, fees and fines
I'm not saying this lightly. In fact, I've never felt the need to review a company before but, seriously, Neteller is so awful. I can't understand how there is any positive feedback here for them. I had a similar experience to some others here. Neteller allows you to set up an account then makes it nearly impossible to withdraw funds. I could... Read More »
Neteller with your money when playing at online casino sites.
Rating: by: CraftyStoat, on February 06, 2011
Pros: None
Cons: Poor security, poor customer service, lost all my money.
I had been using Neteller for transfers to online poker sites without any major problems for a year or so when I received one of their standard emails informing me of a deposit I had supposedly made to a poker site and a casino I'd never used. I checked my neteller account and found the money had gone. I quickly informed them I had not made... Read More »
NETeller is a great online casino and gambling payment option!
Rating: by: ogindel, on April 25, 2010
Pros: Overall a great payment option for use with online casinos!
Cons: I have nothing bad to say or disadvantages to mention.
In the past things used to work well in terms of being able to deposit and play at online casinos and other online gambling sites with ease though the use of credit cards, ACH and other methods. Because of the many restrictions that countries are implementing with these methods using systems like NETeller just makes playing online just that much... Read More »
NETeller a fantastic option for players of casinos online.
Rating: by: winterton, on April 03, 2010
Pros: Great banking option period!
Cons: No US or Canadian residence can use their banking option.
It's a true pleasure being a member of NETeller. I have been using NETeller now to deal with most of my transactions when it comes to both depositing funds at online casinos as well as withdrawing them. I find it to be one of the quickest and most convenient banking options that are available for use. Credit cards are fine but even here in Europe... Read More »
NETeller a speedy way to deposit at internet casino sites.
Rating: by: bennetjones, on October 18, 2009
Pros: Quickest eWallet banking option to get setup with.
Cons: No players from the United States or Canda are accepted.
As far as I know if you're from countries other then Canada and the United States you'll be able to deposit at casinos using NETeller as the means of transferring funds to the casino. Equally as beneficial is being able to transfer funds back into your NETeller account and use this as your primary means of storing money and funds that you intend... Read More »
Neteller best for non US and Canadian casino players!
Rating: by: blinkyroast, on October 09, 2009
Pros: Secure and easy to use and great reputation of quality service.
Cons: Had some problems with players from the US and Canada due to legal issues.
Having used NETeller now for several years I know that their solution is a quality solution as I've tried several others that I was never really content with. From a security standpoint they're one of the best providers for payments coming into the casinos that you play at and for getting money out. They make it easy to get the funds to your bank... Read More »
Avoid Using Neteller if you Can
Rating: by: Allok, on August 05, 2009
Pros: No advantages
Cons: Fraud, no customer service, $30 for every 14 month, $10 for every withdrawal, withdrawals will not be cashed out but fee will be charged plus additional fee
I was using Netteller about 2 years ago, at that time everything worked fine. I just had to send them copies of my passport and utility bills after they blocked my account. Ok, can happen. * But after 14 month of inactivity they send me an email to charge my account with $30 (!!!) if I don't make an transaction. * So I was going to cash out... Read More »
Be careful of NETeller and other e-Wallet online casino banking options.
Rating: by: gimbosorus, on July 17, 2009
Pros: Overall good banking option.
Cons: They screwed me when they got into problems with the US.
When you play at online casinos allot the common though is that e-Wallet banking options like NETeller and others make your life easier. Well you're absolutely correct about this, however there are other sides and issues that you must consider that could lead you into potential issues such as I had with NETeller. The problem with online banking... Read More »
NETeller still my preferred online casino deposit option
Rating: by: bentobox, on May 02, 2009
Pros: Fast, Secure, Public Listed Company, 99.9% of casinos accept Neteller
Cons: Not available for US players
Throughout all my expereince with online casinos NETeller has really IMO made a difference in how online casinos and the online gaming industry as a whole is able to transfer funds to and from online casinos with ease. For me in particular I find it to be by far the easiest way to deposit funds at the casinos that I enjoy playing at. I've sent... Read More »
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